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    Previously, the function of instantly checking the availability of a domain in popular black lists was described. Recently, the same function is available for regular automatic checks, which can greatly simplify the timely detection of a problem.

    What, in fact, is new?

    HostTracker now allows you to create jobs to regularly check DNSBL. If your domain under monitoring is found in any of the checked "black lists", a notification will be sent to all signed contacts. It includes the name of the blacklist where your site hit, as well as the reasons for blocking provided by the compilers of these lists. This will allow you to quickly respond to a problem, exclude the domain from these lists, and take measures so that in the future it no longer gets there. The set of blacklisted is planned to expand and update over time.

    Setting this feature takes less than a minute:

    Universal check

    In addition, HostTracker provides the ability to automatically enable this check for tasks of other types, including existing ones. It is configured when creating or editing a monitoring task with just one additional click:

    The site is checked for availability, and the presence of the site domain in the blacklist is simultaneously checked. Subscriptions are duplicated automatically. In this case, you will receive a notification both when the site is stopped, and when it gets into the “black lists”. We hope that such simplicity and versatility will allow you to get more benefit from our service.

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