Kiev Ciklum Speakers' Corner: “Manage your energy, not time”, December 24

    Learn how to learn to do more, better, more interesting in less time and at the same time increase not only the amount you have done, but also the quality of your life. Learn to manage not time, but energy!

    What will you learn ?!
    In everyday life, explore how four different types of energy (physical, emotional, mental and mental energy) can affect our ability to manage and maintain high performance and a sense of satisfaction 24 hours a day.

    The information received will help you:
    • Raise awareness about when and how energy levels can change throughout the day and learn how to use tools that will help you to be in the high-productivity zone most of the time;
    • Understand how the energy recovery process works, learn to go through each phase with maximum benefits;
    • To determine how emotions help or, conversely, distract from our ability to remain in a zone of high productivity;
    • Determine how the relationship between our life values ​​and real behavior affects our energy level;
    • Master the tools for managing each type of energy.

    Who will benefit from this ?!
    • Absolutely everyone! By learning to manage energy, you will significantly increase your productivity, and you will be able to teach others the same.
    • Also, managing energy, you will raise the quality of your life to a higher level.

    Your life is your choice every day.
    Places are limited, we accept participants on a first come, first served basis. To participate in the event , please register .
    Speaker - Lyubov Shishova
    Date - December 24 (Wednesday)
    Time - 19:00
    Location - Kiev, st. Amosova, 12, 2nd tower, 19th floor (Ciklum company)

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