Deploy4Me reduces prices and fixes them in rubles

After receiving a lot of positive feedback after the previous article , we decided to consolidate the success and meet the needs of users. Therefore, Deploy4Me announces a reduction in prices for all, without exception, the installation of server software in the AWS cloud and in the clouds, which are already on the way.

For those who have just joined, I remind you that Deploy4Me is a service for deploying business software to the clouds. Without coding and without locking to one vendor. We started recently, but with Nadezhda we are looking into the future.

The first users from Habr, who entered the site, greatly expanded the boundaries of our geography and knowledge about the world. Therefore, we decided to keep up and expand the supported currencies and countries. Today we added support for Russian rubles, Czech crowns, Indian rupees and British pounds.

At the same time, we are reducing prices one and a half times . We believe that service should be beneficial and accessible to everyone. Especially for users from Russia (and those who prefer to pay in rubles), we fixed the ruble prices . We hope that this will maintain interest in the service and become a small gift for the upcoming New Year.

From what is being prepared in the next release, I want to announce support for DigitalOcean. So stay tuned. Write reviews and suggestions,use Deploy4Me. Holiday greetings!

For registered users
You can change the currency in the profile settings

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