Recruitment to the School of 3D Developers: free places

    A shot from the final stage of 3D-cube installation for visualization of engineering solutions.

    Now in Russia, 3D-modeling is used in the oil industry, nuclear energy, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, aircraft construction. Companies in these segments purchase special high-resolution 3D systems for operation. Designing in 3D makes it more convenient and easier to imagine in space the work of complex systems and their device.

    In Russia, relevant specialists are very necessary, so we are opening the 3D School. Most important: tuition is $ 12,000 . There are 15 free places. Training will take place in English. 3D school students will be one of the first in Russia to introduce 3D solutions and will gain access to the expert environment and practice in a leading IT company. Details below.

    How many places are there in the school?

    There are 15 free places for the competition and paid places for $ 12,000 per course. There are very few free paid places left, a number of large domestic companies have already sent specialists to study with us.

    Photo from the opening of the School of 3D-solutions EON Reality in Manchester (UK)

    How to get free?

    Apply before September 17 and go through two rounds: distance and full-time. In the distance tour, you need to indicate your skills, answer the question “Why do you want to become a student of the School of 3D Solutions?” And most importantly - describe your idea of ​​using 3D in business and, plus, a resume and a 3D portfolio. And all this is in English.

    In the face-to-face tour, you will need to be interviewed by experts from CROC and EON Reality (also in English) and complete a practical task in 3D.

    A full-time tour will be held in Moscow on September 25-26, 2013. You can apply for free training here .

    How will the training go?

    The course begins in October and lasts 9 months, of which a total of 3 months of theory and 6 months of practice. The tasks will be real: modeling of industrial facilities (for example, oil rigs), buildings, their engineering systems and interiors, complex high-tech devices (for example, various types of engines), biosystems (for example, the structure of the human body) and so on. And all this with the smallest detail and the most realistic animation.

    Here is the program:
    Theoretical knowledge:
    In the first trimester, students of the School of 3D Solutions will “refresh” their knowledge and skills in the field of CAD / 3D animation, prepare for working in virtual reality, using web and media technologies, design activities and developing creative thinking. All this is necessary for the development of an entrepreneurial way of thinking.

    Project skills
    In the second and third trimesters, students will be engaged in a number of local and global projects in areas such as simulation training, sales and marketing, oil and gas, energy, architecture, medicine and tourism.

    The program also includes:
    1. General understanding of virtual reality
    2. Overview of EON Reality (products, processes, team)
    3. Overview of EON Reality software
    4. Content creation process
    5. Project management in companies such as EON Reality
    6. Fundamentals of EON Reality systems with the effect of immersion in a virtual environment: presentation of hardware / software solutions
    7. Stereoscopic projection: projection types
    8. People - computer interaction devices
    9. Devices interactions / navigation
    10. Understanding 3D modeling techniques
    11. 3D modeling - 3ds max
    12. Modeling with ZBrush
    13. 3DS Max - rigging and animation
    14. V-Ray and photorealistic materials
    15. Working with EON Raptor
    16. Conversion engineering data into system data virtual reality:
    16.1. Understanding the role and scope of CAD systems
    16.2. CAD in-depth study - EON CAD
    16.3. Polytrans - for CAD formats
    17. Optimization of 2D-graphics for 3D-applications
    18. Optimization of 3D-graphics
    19. Work with EON Viewer software
    20. Work with EON Experience Portal
    software 21. Work with EON Creator software
    22. Work with EON software Coliseum
    23. Work with EON Studio software - the basics
    24. Work with EON Studio software and systems with the effect of immersion in a virtual environment
    25. Work with EON Studio software - support of the laws of physics
    26. Work with EON Studio software - effects using particles
    27. Working with EON Studio software and designing graphical user interfaces
    28. JavaScript programming
    29. EON SDK developer toolkit
    30. Creating mobile applications using EON Studio
    31. Audio and music products for interactive applications
    32. Conducting scientific and research activities in EON Reality
    33. Practical work with the system with the effect of immersion in a virtual environment

    Classes will be held daily from Monday to Friday in the afternoon.

    School Equipment

    The school is equipped with modern workplaces with all the necessary software. In the learning process, it is possible to use the computing power of the CROC “cloud”. In addition, students will be able to use the latest 3D visualization systems. For example, a 3D cube of EON Reality, as in the picture above and below:

    A model of how engineers in two countries are simultaneously working on the same task.

    Here you can also watch a video of the cube assembly .

    There will also be 3D desktop displays: the

    EON Ibench Mobile desktop and the process of studying human organs. The "reality" of the picture is fascinating!

    There will also be 3D projectors, interactive stereoscopic displays and many other interesting things.


    These are EON Reality experts from the USA, Great Britain and Singapore who are directly involved in the implementation and implementation of the product. They have both engineering experience with 3D, and experience with Hollywood. Teachers will be able to talk about all the practical features of communicating with customers and generally introduce them to possible nuances and problems that can not be understood other than having received 10 years of experience.

    What can be done after release?

    Now 3D solutions allow you to:
    • To study the models of the design object (for example, in the case of nuclear power plants: virtual inspection, production control, demonstration of the operation of units).
    • Configure the objects of sale (for example, show the interior of the car, changing seat upholstery materials and colors).
    • To lead the development of virtual training bases: this is required at high-risk facilities, for practicing actions in emergency situations.
    • Develop 3D content for educational purposes: these are 3D models with which educational programs for universities, trainings for industry and so on are created.

    Upon graduation, a certificate of the KROK'OK training center is issued, as well as an international certificate of EON Reality. The best students of the 3D School will be able to take part in the competition for open vacancies of CROC in the direction of 3D.

    Is it true that 3D is very important in serious companies?

    Yes, here is an example - an excerpt from the publication of Doctor of Economics, Director of NIAEP Valery Nimarenko in the journal "CAD / CAM / CAE Observer" No. 6 2011:
    “The main source of structured information about an object (in our case, a nuclear power plant) is a 3D model. It serves as a central element of the life cycle management system that provides key information to participants in all other processes. The development of 3D design is a mandatory competence of an engineering company. It is the 3D model that allows you to create a high-quality project of the object, providing designers with tools for the mutual coordination of technological schemes and spatial layout solutions, tools for resolving design conflicts. "

    How to understand that this is about you?

    Just drop by September 10 Open House Day at the 3D Solutions School. To get a pass, you need to write in advance to in free form (the sooner the better, the number of places is limited). Here's more about the school . Register for a distance tour here .

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