New data on Eloi and Morlock. Updating Herbert Wells' Time Machine


    Herbert Wells is a global prophet. According to Wikipedia, he predicted Minkowski’s four-dimensional space-time, aircraft wars, the atomic bomb, parallel worlds and anti-gravity. About computer technology in the article does not say.
    I propose to fill this (modest against the background of outstanding merit) gap in the predictions and imagine what colors the famous “Time Machine” could play, if Herbert Wells turned out to be a little more perspicacious.

    So, the Time Traveler falls into the eight hundred and second millennium, where he is surrounded by fragile and naive people of the future - Eloi .

    One of these feminine creatures pulled out a rounded rectangle about the size of a book, but much thinner from the folds of clothing. Then she gently touched the surface of the rectangle with a thin finger, and that, to my greatest amazement, shone with a gentle bluish light. Seeing how much I was surprised, Eloy smiled innocently and turned to me the entire rounded surface, in the overflow of which I made out the inscriptions in an unfamiliar language and small pictures, all this against the backdrop of a charming landscape.
    Eloy touched one of the pictures on the surface of the rectangle with his finger, then again and again. Thanks to the touch — I saw this quite clearly — the inscriptions and pictures changed: some increased, while others, unnecessary, moved to the side so as not to interfere with the view. In one of the opened squares, an image of another eloi appeared, so reliable that for a moment it seemed to me that I was looking in a mirror reflecting real events. The image of the eloe moved over the surface and, as it seemed to me for a moment, cried out in surprise at the sight. The expressive laughter of the creatures that surrounded me confirmed that it was so. I could not believe it for a long time, but when the image of the eloe on a rectangular surface in response to my English phrases answered in its melodic language, I had to admit that at least they heard me.
    Subsequently, I have repeatedly watched how the creatures of the future with the help of these devices not only talk, but also listen to the lovely music played on instruments unknown to me, or stack multicolored cubes falling from above into columns. Sometimes the cubes burst, and the columns fell down, but the cubes falling from above, like snowflakes, quickly made up for the flaw. The columns grew and grew as long as they had enough space - then the fall of the cubes stopped.
    Being an inventor by nature, I could not help but become interested in the construction of wonderful rectangles, but as a result of several attempts I became convinced that the Eloam did not know about the principles of their action. Eloi knew how to control devices by swiping a finger on the desired picture or inscription, or pronouncing commands in a quiet voice. But when I tried to explain to beings from the future that I want to get acquainted with the internal mechanism of the device, they in response shrugged their shoulders and continued their studies.
    “Ad-min, ad-min,” they sometimes cooed among themselves, believing in the simplicity of their souls that this word explains everything.
    Despite the annoying misunderstanding, the Elois willingly, although for a short time they borrowed luminous rectangles so that I could play with them. It rarely came out of this. I moved my finger along a smooth, pleasant to the touch surface, changing the inscriptions and pictures in response, but since I did not know the Eloi language, I could not understand what each of them meant, and the pictures were too arbitrary to focus on them.
    After one incident in the dining room, I finally came to the conclusion that the luminous rectangles were not invented and built by Elois.
    Somehow during the meal, an indignant scream rang out: one of the diners ran a finger along the surface of his rectangle, but, contrary to expectations, the surface did not light up. I decided that the rectangle had broken, and, pleased, prepared to watch how it would be repaired. However, Elea, without thinking twice, threw the rectangle into a rounded hole near the tables where the leftover food was thrown, then ran to the cabinet in the hall and pulled out a brand-new and serviceable rectangle from there. His indignation at the breakdown immediately gave way to cheers, and the being of the future, as if nothing had happened, began to talk with one of his friends on the new device.
    The effeminate elois did not experience a lack of luminous rectangles: each had its own rectangle, as a rule, white, pink or black. It is curious that on the back of the devices - I had the opportunity to examine this in detail, since I picked up several different machines - there was an image of a fruit that looked a bit like an orange, moreover, bitten. Having paid attention to this strange fact, I tried to inquire about it and even got some hope when the first one asked by the Aloe kindly nodded and scooted off somewhere. I decided that he ran away for a thing that will clarify the meaning of the bitten fruit, or at least for a knowledgeable person. As it turned out, Eloy ran away for the fruit itself: a minute later he returned carrying a large ripe fruit in his hand, then he bit strongly, as shown in the figure, and with a pleased look he handed me. The creature decided that I would ask for a bitten food!
    People of the future - they were like children, and I had no idea what was behind the facade of their carefree life.

    You can choose a suitable role for the Morlock , for example this.
    To clarify the situation, the Time Traveler descends into a deep well-shaft, where he meets the monkey-like inhabitants of the underworld.

    Exhausted and almost repenting of his enterprise, I opened my fingers, jumped to the floor, and was finally able to look around where I got.
    No match was required, because the cave that opened my gaze was illuminated by a dim bluish light coming from rectangles with rounded edges. However, these rectangles were not in the hands of the underground inhabitants: mounted vertically on the edges, they shone from the black tables that filled the cave. The rectangles were three times the largest of those used by friendly eloes, and not soothing pictures moved around them, but drawings and mathematical formulas full of strange notation. They didn’t have fun under the ground - important creative work was in full swing here, God knows what.
    In the first instant, he drew attention only to the luminous screens, in the second - he noticed a lot of morlocks hunched over the luminous rectangles in the low seats. The inhabitants of the underworld, squinting their eyes with watery eyes, peered into their full-sized rectangles and, as it were, sorted by the way gouty fingers on the boards lying side by side and entirely dotted with small black squares. In accordance with the movements of the Morlocks, the mysterious formulas on the luminous rectangles were transformed: new branches were added to some formulas, while others, under the influx of new formulas, fell down and disappeared from sight. With the smooth movement of the wheel located on the board, the Morlocks could cause the failed formulas from nonexistence, removing the higher ones from view. Interesting, that the Morlocks did not touch the luminous rectangles themselves, unlike the Aeloes, apparently considering it a trifle, unworthy entertainment for an underground resident. The depth in everything, productivity and labor efficiency - such, as I understand it, was the motto of the inhabitants of future dungeons.
    I would give dear to understand the structure of the luminous units of the Morlocks and unravel their crazy formulas, but the circumstances did not allow us to hope for cooperation. First one, then the second and third Morlocks noticed me and, squinting from blindness, suspiciously turned their heads in my direction. A sigh of light surprise rustled from the black seats.
    “Haskell?” One of the Morlocks whispered inquiringly to me.
    I answered with a few words of the Eloi language that I had previously memorized, but they had an unpleasant effect on the Morlocks.
    “Java?” The other asked, tensing somewhat.
    I answered again, already anticipating the evil.
    “BASIC?” Shouted several indignant voices at once.
    Then I noticed a long table, located between the luminous rectangles, not far from me. On the table was a piece of smoked meat, wrapped in colored fabric, which I did not recognize at first, but after a second I was horrified to find that the fabric is very similar to the dress worn by the fragile inhabitants of the sunny side of the Earth. Next to the piece of meat were golden cylinders with a fist the size of which poured beer spirit - at some point I even thought that I was in a provincial Scottish pub - and next to the cylinders handfuls of small nuts were scattered around the table.
    Drawing conclusions from what I saw, I shuddered in disgust and raised my eyes to the underground creatures, who were already getting up from their black chairs and were heading in my direction, moving their crooked fingers menacingly.
    "Yus-ss-ss-ser! Yus-ss-sir! " - rustled under the arches of the cave.
    Negotiations were futile.
    I turned my back on the attackers, trying to find the brackets that surrounded me in the well darkness that surrounded me, and when I succeeded, I tried to catch myself. However, several Morlocks who had already managed to get into my legs had already seized. I kicked the top of them with a heel, and when the damned loosened his grip, I was able to pull myself up and lean my foot against the wall. Then, bracketing quickly, as far as I could, he climbed the impenetrable well upward, toward the lightening one above me and, as I advanced, an increasing point.
    "Yus-ss-ss-ser! Yus-ss-sir! " - reached an irreconcilable hiss from below.
    Oh, now it dawned on me who produced smart rectangles with rounded edges, which were used by the inhabitants of the solar world, and what eloes paid for their sophisticated entertainment! Over the centuries, the production of the Earth went underground, but there was no food for producers there, and the problem was solved with all the solidity and effectiveness that are inherent in the starving proletarians.

    If Herbert Wells had portrayed something similar, he would have stood flush with Leonardo da Vinci. Why, why didn’t the writer mention computer technology and bitten fruit — especially bitten fruit — in Mashina Vremya - didn’t your intuition really suggest?

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