Quantmash to protect plastic cards

    The "quantum world" is already seeping into our reality, as evidenced by the article on the Tape , which is full of pearls: "the photon resides in several places at once" or "an attempt to spy on this authentication procedure will bring down the quantum nature of light" or "if quantum photons are thrown onto the map" .

    "One of my acquaintances" already wrote on Habré about quantum money , and here the Dutch scientists grabbed the baton of Stephen Wisner and screwed photon authentication to plastic cards.

    Original article in PDF. The article itself is interesting. (It seems to be published in serious sources: Optica magazine and in the press release of the American Optical Society.)

    Again, the clone ban theorem plays the main role, which does not allow you to copy the key, based not on technical complexity and mathematical assumptions, but on physical impossibility.

    We are waiting for the answer of the Chinese nanohackers.

    The decisive rule and resistance to attacks:

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