How to register an LLC yourself

    Hello! Today we will talk about how to register an LLC yourself.

    The question of creating your own company usually arises when you have an idea for a startup and you are ready to start development. If you are working on a project alone, then the status of IP is sufficient for you. If you have partners or plan to attract investors, it is better to register an LLC from the very beginning. This is the most common form for doing business and, despite some limitations, it is best suited for creating a startup.

    We will tell about each stage of self-registration of an LLC, share tips and links that will help you deal with it as quickly and easily as possible.

    Instructions for self-registration of LLC from " I love SP "

    Brand Name

    The first thing to do is choose what your company will be called. LLC must have a full and the right to have an abbreviated company name in Russian. It may also have a full and (or) abbreviated company name in a foreign language and the language of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

    The brand name will help you protect your domain name. Of course, if there is not yet a company with the same name, operating in the same field as you. You can verify this by searching all registered legal entities on the Kontur.Fokus website .

    Location address

    The next is to choose a place where your company will be located. To do this, you can rent an office or buy a legal address. It is also possible to register the LLC at the home address of the head of the LLC.

    If you register an LLC for an office, you need to make sure that the registration address is not massive. This can be done on the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia . We also recommend attaching a letter of guarantee from the owner of the premises to the documents stating that after the registration of the LLC, a lease agreement will be concluded with you. This is optional, but will help to avoid denial of registration.

    If you register an LLC at your home address, it is usually sufficient to provide a copy of your passport with a note of registration at the place of residence.

    OKVED codes

    Next, you need to determine the types of activities and select the OKVED codes. They must contain a minimum of four numeric characters, for example, 72.20. One code must be selected as the main one, all the rest will be additional.

    The following codes are suitable for an IT company:

    • Web and mobile application development - 72.20 Software development and consulting in this area,
    • Web design and website development - 72.60 Other activities related to the use of computer technology and information technology.

    Additionally, you can specify:

    • 72.10 Consulting on computer hardware,
    • 72.30 data processing,
    • 72.40 Activities for the creation and use of databases and information resources,
    • 72.50 Maintenance and repair of office machines and computers.

    Other OKVED codes are not related to IT, but may come in handy.
    • Graphic Design - 74.84 Other services
    • Online store - 52.61.2 Retail trade through television shops and computer networks (electronic commerce, including the Internet),
    • Advertising (SMM ) - 74.40 Advertising,
    • Trainings, master classes - 80.42 Adult education and other types of education not included in other groups,
    • Marketing, PR - 74.14 Advice on business and management,
    • Recruitment - 74.50 Recruitment and staffing,
    • Translation services - 74.83 Provision of secretarial, editorial and translation services,
    • Copywriting - 92.31.2 Activities in the field of art, literary and performing arts.

    Classifier OKVED quite large, and you can see it completely on the website Consultant Plus .

    Documents for registration of LLC

    Now you can proceed to the preparation of documents. To register an LLC you will need:

    • Application Form P11001,
    • The decision of the sole founder or the minutes of the meeting of the founders on the creation of the LLC,
    • Establishment Agreement (if there are several founders),
    • Charter (in duplicate),
    • State duty payment receipt.

    An application in the form of P11001 and a receipt for payment of state duty can be generated using the registration service of the Federal Tax Service of Russia LLC . When entering data, the service verifies all the necessary information resources, which reduces the risk of error.

    Here are the mandatory provisions that other documents should contain:

    Decision of the Sole Founder
    • Decision on the establishment of LLC
    • Decision on the approval of the charter of the LLC
    • Decision on the election of the head of LLC
    • Share capital
    • The procedure and terms of payment
    • The size and nominal value of the share of the founder

    Minutes of the meeting of founders
    • Decision on the establishment of LLC
    • Decision on the approval of the charter of the LLC
    • Decision on the election of the head of LLC

    Foundation agreement
    • The procedure for the implementation of joint activities on the establishment of LLC
    • Share capital
    • The size and nominal value of the share of each of the founders
    • Amount, procedure and terms of payment of shares in the authorized capital

    • Full and abbreviated company name of LLC
    • Location of LLC
    • Composition and competence of LLC bodies (issues that constitute the exclusive competence of the general meeting of LLC participants; the procedure for decision-making by the bodies, issues on which decisions are adopted unanimously or by a qualified majority of votes)
    • Rights and obligations of LLC participants
    • The procedure and consequences of the participant’s withdrawal from the LLC (if the right to exit is provided for by the charter)
    • The procedure for transferring a share or part of a share in the authorized capital of an LLC to another person
    • The procedure for storing documents and providing information to LLC participants and other persons;
    • Dates of the next general meeting of LLC participants, at which the annual results of the company’s activities are approved

    When preparing documents, pay attention to the following:

    1. In the charter, as the location, it is sufficient to indicate the name of the settlement (municipality). For example, Moscow. Then, if you move to another office, you do not have to make changes to the charter.
    2. Since September 2014, all decisions made by the participants of the LLC, as well as the composition of the participants, must be notarized, unless otherwise provided by the charter of the company. Therefore, we recommend that the following paragraph be included in the charter:
      The adoption by the general meeting of participants in the company of the decision and the composition of the participants of the company who were present at its adoption are confirmed by the signing of the protocol by all participants of the company or by any other means provided for by the decision of the general meeting of participants of the company unanimously adopted by all participants of the company.
    3. All documents must be executed before the state duty is paid, i.e., before the date of receipt. The date of the decision (protocol) by which the charter is approved must coincide with the date of this decision indicated on the title page of the charter.

    You can prepare all the documents for the registration of an LLC using the Document Management service . The set of documents includes form P11001, the charter, the decision of the sole founder or the minutes of the meeting of the founders, the agreement on the establishment, a notice of transition to the simplified tax system and a letter of guarantee if you register the company at the office. The service is paid, the cost of preparing documents for registration of an LLC is 950 rubles, but it includes legal expertise and verification of documents.

    State duty payment

    The state duty for registering an LLC is 4000 rubles. You can pay it via the Internet or by receipt at any branch of Sberbank. When paying via the Internet, you can only use your card.

    If there are several founders, then the state duty is paid by each of them in equal shares.

    Payment of authorized capital

    The minimum authorized capital of an LLC is 10,000 rubles, and it must be paid in cash within four months after registration of the LLC. You can pay the authorized capital either by transferring from a personal account, or by depositing cash through a bank to the LLC’s bank account.

    LLC registration via the Internet

    The easiest way to apply for LLC registration is through the Internet. At the moment, there is such an opportunity in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Tula region.

    To do this, after generating an application in the LLC registration service from the Federal Tax Service of Russia, pay the state duty online (or enter the payment details on the receipt) and send the application to the tax office. Within three working days you will receive a message about the results of the review, and if everything is in order with the application, you will be invited to come up with the rest of the documents. On the same day, within an hour, you will be issued with documents on registration of the LLC.

    Submission of ordinary documents

    Ordinary documents for registration of LLC can be submitted:

    • personally by all the founders,
    • by mail with a letter of declared value and a list of investments,
    • through a representative by notarized power of attorney,
    • Using DHL Express or Pony Express (Moscow only).

    When submitting documents personally, the founders' signatures on the application for registration of the LLC are put in the presence of a tax inspector and they need notary certification. In other cases, the signature of each founder on the application must be notarized.

    The cost of sending DHL Express documents is 600 rubles. To send, you must come to one of the three offices, after registration, the documents will be delivered to the address you specified. Read more about the service on the DHL website . The cost of sending Pony Express documents is 628.36 rubles. To send, you can call the courier at home.

    When sending documents by express mail in the application for registration of LLC on page 3 of sheet H, you need to put a mark on the method of delivery of documents 3 - “send by mail”.

    Documents must be submitted to your registration authority. You can determine it at the address of the LLC on the website of the Federal Tax Service (see the body responsible for the registration of the LLC). The only registration authority in Moscow is Inter - district IFTS of Russia No. 46 in Moscow , and in St. Petersburg, the Inter - district IFTS of Russia No. 15 in St. Petersburg .

    Transition to STS

    STS is a simplified tax system. To switch to the simplified tax system, you need to submit a notice of the transition to the simplified tax system or simultaneously with the documents for registration of the LLC, or within 30 days after registration.

    When switching to the simplified tax system, you can choose income 6% or income minus expenses 15%. Income minus expenses is beneficial to apply if expenses are more than 60% of income. This applies to companies that have large expenses for renting premises, paying salaries, etc. In other cases, it is better to use STS income of 6%.

    The final stage

    The term of registration of an LLC is 5 business days. After the registration was successful and you received the documents, you can print, open a current account and work. No one needs to be notified of opening an account. Additionally, registering with funds is also not necessary, this happens automatically.

    To open a current account, you may need a letter with statistics codes. In Moscow, this information can be downloaded electronically on the website of Mosgorstat . She will appear within two weeks after registration.

    Labor relations with the director of LLC

    The last question that remains for you to decide is the appointment of the head of the LLC and the conclusion of an employment contract with him. The appointment of the director is made out by order. If you are the sole founder and leader in the company, then it is not necessary to conclude an employment contract and pay yourself a salary *.

    That's all. Thank you for reading to the end. If you have any questions, write in the comments. Also share your experience in registering an LLC. Surely, the rest will also be useful to find out about this.

    * The question of the need to conclude an employment contract in this case is controversial and remains at your discretion. See comments for more details.

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