KotlinConf 2018 Live - we are on the air

    Broadcast of today's KotlinConf 2018 sessions :

    You can still ask us your questions on Twitter with the hashtag # kc18ask. Today at the final question-answer session we will answer them. Do not miss, beginning at 18:15 Moscow time .

    We are starting to broadcast the main stream KotlinConf 2018 . Watch Keynout right now with Andrei Breslav, Kotlin project manager, he will tell you about the main updates in the language:

    Today and tomorrow you are waiting for 14 online sessions with key members of the Kotlin team and the ecosystem ( schedule ). And also do not miss the closing with the participation of Maxim Shafirov, CEO of JetBrains. It will begin at 18:15 Moscow time tomorrow, but now you can ask your question for the question-answer session - email us on Twitter with the hashtag # kc18ask.

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