Corporate focus

    - fast! Urgently fast! - Tatiana screamed, walking quickly along the corridor and looking around. - Help!

    - Tatiana, what happened? - Sergey stopped, going somewhere about his business. - What are you shouting?

    - Do you remember how to call an ambulance from a mobile? - Tatiana stopped. The eyes, usually round, were somehow especially large at this moment.

    - Well, yes, dial 103. - Sergey said and he reached for the phone. - Ok, I myself. What do they say?

    - A woman of about fifty, fainting, hitting her head, an injury. - unexpectedly clearly said Tatiana. - Come on, dial.

    Sergei dialed the number, talked to the operator, explained how to get to the industrial zone in which the enterprise was located.

    - I will meet them on the street. - He said, putting the phone in his pocket. - And then they will get lost. Tell me, what happened?

    - Valentina Pavlovna fainted, hit her head. - said Tatyana, still not finding a place for herself. - Take them to the office?

    - Yes of course. - Sergey nodded and walked towards the exit.

    On the street, with nothing to do, lit up. The ambulance arrived ten minutes later — fairly quickly, given the symptoms described. Probably, fainting at work with them is not considered an urgent case. Moreover, the station was two kilometers from the enterprise - Sergey often saw her passing by.

    Seeing the ambulance, Sergei waved his hands. When he realized that he was noticed, he ran to the checkpoint - open the gate. The carriage entered the courtyard of the enterprise, stopped right in front of the main entrance. Two climbed out - a man of forty, apparently a doctor, and a young, twenty-two years old, nurse.

    - Where? - the doctor asked shortly.

    - Come on. - Sergey led the doctors for himself.

    We passed the corridor, approached the office of the planning-dispatching department. Sergey was a little afraid to come in - you never know what you see there. Reality did not disappoint him.

    Almost no one was in the office - either they did not have time to find out, or, like Sergey, they were afraid to stop by and hid behind important matters in their offices. Valentina Pavlovna was sitting on a chair with her mouth parted and breathing heavily. On the forehead, on the right, blood flowed, which she wiped with a hand and then somehow puzzledly examined. On the floor, near the chair, there was a small red puddle. Nearby was Vitalik, a young guy, a design engineer, who also worked in this office, and looked at Valentine Pavlovna sadly, as if wanting to help, but not knowing how.

    Sergey stopped near the door, leaned on the wall and waited. Doctors approached the victim and began to talk with her about something quietly. Then the one who was in charge, opened his doctoral case and began to rummage in it, eventually getting some device.

    - So, everyone came out. He said loudly. - ECG will shoot.

    Sergei came out, followed by Acne and Tatiana.

    - Vital, what happened there? - Sergey asked.

    - Yes some horror. - with a strange smile said Acne. - Sat, sat, suddenly - bang! - fell off a chair. Her head hit the floor, blood ran, well, they probably saw it.

    - Oh, I see where the blood comes from. - Tatiana nodded. - How long has she been lying?

    - No, well, maybe a minute. - Vitalik shook his head. - I was just talking on Skype, did not immediately notice. As he saw, he ran up, she was already awake, helped her up. Here just Tatyana came.

    Several minutes stood, discussing the details of what happened and the likely past of Valentina Pavlovna, which could lead to such a development of events. The discussion, as it should be, was interspersed with ahs, oops and sighs.

    - Come on in! - I heard a doctor's cry from the office.

    Logged in The doctor put the device back in the suitcase, the nurse filled out some paper.

    - So. Said the doctor. - We must go to the hospitalization, but the patient refuses. Now we fill in the refusal, even though I am against it, but it is a master's. Who is her boss here?

    - I am the head of service personnel. - said Tatiana. - What do you need? I will do.

    “We need to let her go home.” Said the doctor. - And even better - take. Relapse is possible if overtired or go in a packed minibus. Provide?

    - Yes. - Tatyana answered shortly. - Now I'll call a taxi, I'll take it.

    - Do not need a taxi. - Sergey entered. - I'll take a car.

    - Thank. - answered Tatyana. - I'll go with you.

    - Guys, do not. - quietly said Valentina Pavlovna. - I myself somehow. Now I'll call my son, he will come.

    - Call, tell me to wait for you at home. - answered Tatyana. - And we will take you.
    We drove in silence at first - apparently everyone was afraid to ask some questions so as not to get into privacy. Sergey drove the car, Tatyana and Valentina Pavlovna were sitting in the back seats.

    - Eh, I stole the same ... - Valentina Pavlovna shook her head. - Sorry, guys, I'm so uncomfortable that I have to mess around with the old cow.

    - Do not talk nonsense, Valentina Pavlovna! - Tatiana was indignant. - It can happen to anyone! We must help each other.

    - Yes, I'm just a stroke. Two years ago, I got used to it, a month in the hospital. - Valentina Pavlovna told. - And here again. Coffee is probably drunk, the pressure jumped.

    - Do you think in the case of coffee? - Tatiana asked puzzled.

    - Well, what else ... - Valentina Pavlovna sighed.

    - Well, you never know ... - Tatyana shrugged. - Nobody offended you?

    - No no! - somehow deliberately violently shook her head Valentina Pavlovna. - I'm all good!

    After seeing Valentina Pavlovna to the apartment, Sergey and Tatiana returned to the car. Tatiana this time sat on the front passenger seat.

    - Something is wrong here. - Tatyana muttered, when the movement became quieter - Sergey drove along the bypass road, around the center, so as not to stand in traffic jams.

    - Yeah. - Sergey nodded. - Darkens something. Surely Snake.

    - Who? - Tatiana frowned.

    - Well, Zemlyakov Alexey, chief engineer, her boss. - Sergey explained. - He has a nickname - Snake.

    - And what is he?

    - Hard he. More precisely, he wants to seem so. This is his credo.

    - Well, I do not know ... I took him to work. Excellent recommendations from past places. Literally regretted that he had left. They said that a great specialist.

    - He's beautiful, he is wonderful ... - Sergey began. - Only ... Oh, well.

    - What is ok? Let's finish! - Tatiana was indignant. - This is important!

    - He doesn't like me. Some kind of him ... - Sergey stopped for a few seconds, choosing words. - Too well done or something. Especially in the face of bosses. I don’t remember the case when Serpent was once to blame for something.

    - Well, it works well. - moving her eyebrows, Tatyana nodded. - And do not love ... You do not love anyone.

    - No, not in me. - Sergey shook his head. “I’m not the only one who thinks so.” Evgeny Viktorovich spoke to me too.

    - What did the owner say to you?

    - Well, that Serpent is always on a white horse. He wants to be on a white horse. Jambs in his service are complete, but Zyoma’s jambs are exactly zero. Do you understand?

    - No, to be honest ...

    - Someone else is always to blame. - Sergey removed one hand from the wheel, and waved to her in tact with the explanations. - Failure of production - the dispatcher is guilty, the machine has broken - the worker is guilty, the machine has not been repaired - the serviceman is guilty, they did not have time to manufacture them in time - the suppliers are guilty, and so on. Snomas are never to blame for anything, always arrows pointing at subordinates or subcontractors.

    - Seriously? - Tatiana stared at Sergei, then turned away and leaned back in her chair and muttered. - I did not notice ...

    - Yes, do not care, it does not matter all that. - Sergey waved his hand and put it on the steering wheel again.

    - What is important? - looking away, asked Tatyana.

    - The other is important. At such moments, when such events occur, you begin - or rather, you remember - what is really important.

    - Are you talking about health? About people? - Tatiana became interested.

    - Well, yes ... About people and roles. We get used to these roles, we start to believe in them. I am the boss, you are subordinate. And somehow you no longer look at people as people. You know how it happens in the store - the dude will come, he doesn’t like something, and he starts yelling at the cashier, or there at the sales manager. You owe me! I am a buyer, you are attendants. I distributed the roles, and went, to the tail and to the mane. I must like you! You are all in the cake should hurt me, to please me! And then I will not buy from you pivasik.

    - Well, I never yell at the cashiers ... - for some reason, Tatyana began to defend herself.

    - I, too. - Sergey nodded. - Do you know why?

    - I do not know. Because you are good? Or want to seem so?

    - No, it's prosaic. I often go to the store near the house, I know the cashiers, and then I noticed one of them in the kindergarten - the child leads me to the same group as me. And now - to school. The class is different, but we see each other constantly. Now we greet, both at school, and in shop. Well, you know, not like they have there on the instructions laid, but for real.

    - Got it. - Tatiana nodded.

    - Here you go. And here also. You get used not to see a person, but a role. This - the designer, he draws drawings. Devilish, in short ...

    - That's right, such jokes and aggravate ... - Tatyana smiled.

    - No, such jokes, on the contrary, reduce the importance. - Sergey shook his head. - Because they show where a person is and where a role is. This is the dispatcher, this is the accountant, this is the storekeeper. Like some screws, or parts of the mechanism. This is a bearing, this is a battery, this is a steering wheel, this is a wheel. Each has its own place and purpose. Everyone should be treated in a certain way, for everyone there is something to yell about. And then - bang! - here something happens, the role disappears immediately, the person remains. Weak, sick, with family, problems, children, loans, unwashed hands ...

    - Oh, just do not start again about your hands. - Tatiana grimaced.

    - I will not. - Sergey answered dryly. - The moment is inappropriate.

    - Well yes…

    - Earlier, when I was a programmer, everything seemed easier. - Sergey continued. - There was, of course, an understanding of the roles, but as long as you are not a leader, you don’t really need anything from people? Well, that is, you do not set any tasks for them, only you can ask. And you can only ask for a person, and not a role?

    - Yes, I understand what you're talking about. - Tatiana said thoughtfully. - I do not notice these roles, this work. Constantly it is necessary to communicate with people of different kinds, to learn something from them, to listen about life.

    - Exactly. - Sergey was leaving. - And we, chiefs, cease to notice people. And I don't like it - well, in myself, you understand?

    - Yes, understand. - Tatiana nodded.

    - Well, well ... Let's look at Acne, ask what was there?

    - Let's.

    Having reached the place, we immediately went to the office of the planning and dispatching department. Acne was sitting at the computer, working nervously nibbling his fingers. There was no blood stain on the floor.

    - Vitalik! - Sergey began. - Tell me, please, what was there.

    - Yes, I told you already. - Vitaly answered nervously. - What else?

    - To her, someone went to ... Well, before these events all? - Sergey asked.

    - Palych came. - Vitalik nodded.

    - Well, I told you. - Sergey turned to Tatiana. Then he turned his gaze to Vitalik again. - What did he say to her?

    - Yes, I remember what? - Vitalik switched to a nervous squeal. - I sat in my headphones listening to music.

    - You let calm down. - strictly said Sergey. - Not we, so the security service will come to ask. I still have to remember. You are not to blame for anything, just nobody but you was here.

    “Okay ...” Vitalik said conciliatory. - They were talking about something, sort of rather violently. Then, already leaving, in the doorway, Palych shouted ... Right now ... Something like "it makes no difference to me, even sit until the night."

    - Well, yes, in his spirit ... - Sergey nodded. - Everything?

    - Everything. - Vitalik nodded in response. - She somehow sat confusedly, then rushed to work, then seemed to pour herself some coffee, drank, then another ... I told her - hey, Valentina Pavlovna, why are you, where is that coffee? And she, as in some kind of prostration, did not even hear what I asked. Well, then, here ... Fell, in short. Apparently, I drank too much coffee.

    “Hmm ...” Sergei muttered thoughtfully. - Ok, thanks, Acne. But the security guards will probably come anyway.

    - Damn ... - Acne crash.

    - Tatiana, let's go, it's time for the meeting.

    - Yes, let's go.

    They reached silence, each was deep in thought. Almost all the leaders have already gathered, lacking only the chief engineer - that very Zema.

    Finally, he appeared - literally burst into the negotiation, a few seconds before the meeting. It was one of his favorite tricks, and in general the verb “rush in” fit him well. He, too, burst into the measured life of the enterprise, with his energy, diligence and readiness to strictly follow the will of the leadership.

    - The agenda will have to be adjusted. - began Svetlana Vladimirovna. - We need to discuss the incident. Sergey, Tatyana, how are things with Valentina Pavlovna?

    - Fine. - Tatiana nodded. “Sergey and I took her home.”

    - One, perhaps, left? - Vyoma Aleksei asked vigorously, with a slight smirk.

    - No, there her son was at home. - Tatiana replied haughtily. - And in general ...

    - What in general? - not at all embarrassed, asked Alexey.

    - You hurry, then diminish. - Squinting, said Sergey. - Your man's head on the floor, we helped, an ambulance called, drove, and here you are still trying to state the claims. Where have you been?

    - No complaints. - Alexey shrugged. - Carried - well done. We must help each other. If any of your problems will be, I will help too.

    - God forbid from your help. - gazing at Alex, answered Sergei. - Yes, and wait on you ...

    - I mean? - Aleksey asked with bewilderment. - What are the hints?

    - No hints, I'm talking straight. - replied, frowning, Sergei. - What kind of task did you set for her that you need to do before night?

    - A common task. - Alexey shrugged. - Create a table of teams in relation to the equipment in the desired format.

    - Why did this task suddenly turn out to be so urgent and important? - without taking his eyes off Alexey, Sergey asked. - So important that people will die in our country, but do it?

    “No ...” Alexey hesitated. - There is no special importance in the task ...

    - Then why did a person faint? - Sergey continued.

    - How do I know? - Alexey raised his tone. - Maybe magnetic storms today, after all, Valentina Pavlovna is not a young man. Keep in mind for the future. Perhaps you should send her for a medical examination to find out all the details.

    - Or retire early, you'd be glad. - Sergey said viciously.

    - What kind of assaults, eh? What is my fault? I was given the focus, I set the task. What should I answer to the director? Do not give me focus, do I have sick people?

    - Focus? - Tatiana asked puzzled. - What kind of trick?

    - Yes, what a trick, Alex? - supported Svetlana Vladimirovna.

    - Evgeny Viktorovich so calls important tasks. - explained Alexey. - When you need to focus on them, without being distracted by the rest.

    “Strange, I have never heard ...” the director frowned. - How long has he been saying that?

    - No, about a week. - interrupted Sergei. “I told him that.”

    - What did you tell? - Svetlana Vladimirovna turned her eyes on Sergey.

    - Well, this is the story of business consultants. - Sergey sat back in his chair and began to tell. - Once, as in a joke, three best businessmen of the world gathered - Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and, it seems, Jeff Bezos, who is the owner of Amazon. They were asked - what is most important? Well, for businessman and business. They thought and answered the same thing - focus. Like, the main thing is to choose something and focus on it. Yevgeny liked it, and now, apparently, he does not set tasks, but he designates tricks.

    “Magicians, their mother ...” murmured Svetlana Vladimirovna. Then she looked at Alexei. - Alexey, I understand correctly, is it about the task that I set for you?

    - Yes, it is about her. - Alex readily nodded. - Having received this task ... this task, I immediately launched the execution mechanisms. You said that this is important, here I am ...

    - Important, but not urgent. - interrupted Svetlana Vladimirovna, and added strictly. - Do you understand the difference between importance and urgency?

    - Of course.

    - What is she?

    - There is not much difference. - Alexey shrugged. - Any task from management is urgent and important. This is an axiom.

    - This is your personal axiom. - Sergey entered. - On this axiom all your career keeps. Put a fool to God to pray ...

    - Alex, once again. - interrupted Svetlana Vladimirovna. - Urgently - this is when the term is clearly named, and after its expiration the task can no longer be solved.

    - Svetlana Vladimirovna ... - Alexey began in a sincere voice. - For me, any task from you is urgent and important. I will not dig, find out whether it can then be done, postponed, transferred. You said - I do. And in general, isn't it obvious? Since when has diligence become a vice?

    - Consider that from today. - strictly answered the director. - I do not need stupid execution, especially from top managers. It is clear?

    - Yes, I understood, well. - Alexey readily replied. - I do not mind adjusting my control system.

    - Well, how can you! - Tatiana suddenly was indignant. - Alexey, what are you talking about? How can such concepts be put in one sentence?

    - What's wrong, Tatiana? - Alexey was taken aback. The rest, however, also did not expect such a reaction from Tatiana.

    - I have a picture right in front of my eyes. - Tatiana continued, starting to blush with indignation and public attention. - Valentina Pavlovna is lying on the floor, in a pool of blood, and Alexey is standing on top and says thoughtfully - well, I need to make some adjustments to my control system. This is a man! Live, real, do you understand?

    - I understand perfectly. - Alexey nodded. - Only, except for people, there are still tasks.

    - And tricks. - Sergey smiled unkindly.

    - Yes, even ficuses. - Alexey answered with a call. - As the chef says, so we will say.

    - So, stopped the bazaar. - slammed the table with a palm Svetlana Vladimirovna. - A mistake was discussed, we will not allow it in the future. I don’t take responsibility from myself - I am also to blame, I set the task incorrectly, I didn’t explain, I didn’t tell how and when to do it. I will be more attentive. All, move on to the next item on the agenda.

    - Wait a minute, I think the question has not yet been settled ... - Sergey entered.

    - Sergey ... - Svetlana Vladimirovna raised her eyebrows and stared at Sergey, as if hinting at something.

    - What?

    - You better stop discussing this issue. - Svetlana Vladimirovna said calmly and measuredly.

    - Why? - Sergey frowned. - Because you are the director?

    - Not. - still calmly answered Svetlana Vladimirovna. - I assure you, it will be better.

    - Yes? Why is this? - Sergey shrugged his shoulders. - Do you think I'm afraid to argue with you?

    - No, you forget ... - Svetlana Vladimirovna began, then she thought for a few seconds, as if making some decision. - Okay. Do you remember why I needed a brigade binding table for equipment?

    - Not. - Sergey answered shortly. After a second, a doubt appeared on his face, then a shadow of fear flashed. - You ... Is it connected with planning?

    - Yes, with planning. - nodded Svetlana Vladimirovna. - Now remember?

    - Yes. - Sergey was embarrassed. - I understood.

    - I did not understand. - Alexey entered. - Tell us, Svetlana Vladimirovna.

    - Yes, we drove ... - Sergey made a gesture with his hand. - Let's take the next question.

    “No, why not ...” said Svetlana Vladimirovna in a feigned tone. - You wanted to figure it out to the end, and we'll figure it out.

    - Okay, sort it out. - Sergey shrugged picturefully.

    - Sergey refined the production planning system to take into account the qualifications of the brigades. - Svetlana Vladimirovna turned her eyes on her colleagues, and explained them already to everyone present. - We have long been waiting for this decision - you know how much our production depends on the skills of workers and craftsmen. To launch, as Sergey explained to me, this link was needed - it needs to be added to the program for the system to work. Remember what you told me, Sergey?

    - What did you say? - Sergey asked with a challenge. - What does the binding need to do?

    - Not. You said, I quote: press down on the necessary levers for this binding to appear. As soon as we get a binding, the system will work.

    - Well, yes, he said ... - Sergey hesitated - But I ...

    - What "am I?" - Alexey asked on raised voices. - I was just sitting here, D'Artagnan, scolded everyone that they somehow set the tasks wrong, did he himself?

    - What is it yourself? - Sergey began to defend himself. - I, perhaps, Valentina Pavlovna brought to a swoon?

    - Well, who? - shouted Alex. - You invented this task, you indicated urgency and importance.

    “I remember, look ...” Sergey hissed viciously through his teeth.

    - And I advise you to remember. - Alexey pointed to Sergey with his index finger. - Including, remember that you should not blame people for something without understanding. And it hurt a lot you began to read the notations to us, Mr. Director of Development. At the very, stigma in a gun?

    - So, that's enough. - Svetlana Vladimirovna said wearily. - This conversation is very unpleasant to me. Everyone is to blame, including you, Sergey.

    - I am not guilty ... - Sergei cried. - I'm right! And in this situation, and in general!

    “Oh, how did you get hooked ...” Alexey grinned. - As always, afraid to be not the smartest? From his white horse to get off?

    “You're the only one who rides a horse, and you push people to him, the horse trooper.” - Sergey answered, not looking at Alexey. “I simply asked for the task to be resolved so that the matter moved, because ...”

    - Because gladiolus. - Alexey answered the old KVNovskoy joke. - Sit down too, keep your mouth shut.

    - Colleagues, that's enough. - once again slapped the table with her hand Svetlana Vladimirovna. - Sergey, your fault is, and the point.

    - No, not the point. - Sergey snapped. - So, if you go along the chain of causes and effects, you can blame the whole company for any joint! Do not you see it? BUT? Let's continue the chain, once such a conversation went? What for I did this system? Whose idea?

    - Mine, I guess. - Svetlana Vladimirovna hesitated.

    - Not sure, but for sure. - Sergey nodded. - You have decided that the planning system is not good enough. They asked me to finish. I, by old memory, returned to the IT area and completed it. And who has advised you to improve the system?

    - Yes, like no one ...

    - No, you probably dripped the owner, he can do it! - Sergey continued. - Again, he didn’t like some indicators, or had read a lot about lean production, and decided that he needed to plan more accurately.

    “Well, maybe ...” said Svetlana Vladimirovna, confusedly. - But let's not Yevgeny Viktorovich drag in here.

    - Come on, why not? - Sergey shrugged his shoulders. - Only in this whole chain no one fainted, everything was orderly and calm! Do you understand? Who cares who invented the task, who gave the focus, who did it, if at the end there is a dude who doesn’t feed him with bread, let me just curry up?

    “Listen ...” Alexey said unkindly.

    - No, you listen! - Sergei cried. - Zadolbal you already! For once in your life, admit your guilt! You bastard, not the boss!

    - Sergey, that's enough. - strictly said Svetlana Vladimirovna. - Yes, Alexei went too far. But his business qualities are not worth discussing. He is an excellent leader, especially in the execution of strategic tasks and the achievement of enterprise goals. I am sure he will take into account for the future, and will become more flexible.

    - How much more flexible! - Sergey threw up his hands. - So in the ass without soap climb.

    - Enough! - cried Svetlana Vladimirovna. - Everything, cabbage!

    The word “cabbage” was a conditional signal for the immediate cessation of any discussion. It was rarely used, and there was a strict penalty for continuing the discussion after it was pronounced — the immediate removal of the hooligan from the meeting. Sergey fell silent, and the discussion of the remaining issues on the agenda began.

    After the meeting, Sergey walked sullenly along the corridor, in the direction of his office, when Tatyana caught up with him.

    - Sergey, how are you? - She asked, carefully looking into the eyes of Sergei.

    - Fine. - Sergei shrugged, stopping. - And you?

    “I don’t know, somehow all is in emotions ...” Tatyana replied.

    - What do you think, who is right? - Sergey asked.

    - I do not know, to be honest. - Tatiana looked down, and stared at her shoes.

    - I mean, you do not know? - Sergey frowned. - I'm right, it's obvious.

    - Is it really that important to you who is right? - Tatiana raised her eyes and looked at Sergei point-blank.

    - No, well, not that ... This is not an end in itself. - Sergey began to explain a little confused. “But this is important because it’s a value system.” As long as people like Zyma do whatever they please with impunity for the sake of their personal interests, and, most importantly, while others look at it through their fingers, nothing will change in the company.

    - Why through your fingers? - asked Tatyana. - Like Svetlana Vladimirovna said that Alexey is wrong, and he needs to adjust the management style.

    - Well, here again ... - Sergey sighed. - And you there too. This is an empty, meaningless wording! Do you understand? Well, as on TV often happens when a politician is condemned. It seems that he is a complete villain, he is caught stealing, does not do a damn thing, his city is littered with debris and smoked with exhaust gases, but what do they say about him?

    - What? - somehow Tatyana asked detachedly.

    - Yes, there are certain difficulties, it is necessary to make adjustments, but in general it is a competent manager, with rich experience in solving difficulties of a different nature. No one will ever call him the words he deserves. And everything remains in place. Well, isn't it?

    “I don’t know ...” Tatyana shrugged, looking away. - It seems that you say it correctly, but ...

    - What?

    - I don’t know ... Somehow this ... Not from this world, or something ...

    - I am not from this world? - Sergey rounded his eyes.

    - Well, yes ... - Tatyana hesitated. - Alexey, in general, is right when he says that there are people, but there are tasks. Softer, of course, necessary, but ...

    - What "but"?

    - But you also need to make a career, but you can't build it on softness.

    “You are ... Tatyana, is it you?

    - I. - Tatiana finally looked up and looked at Sergey. - I think you dramatize too much, Sergey.

    - Clear. Goodbye, Tatiana.

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