The greenest technology park in the world or why start an IT business in India?

    The WebCanape team has returned from the Indian technology park Harmony at work , which is located in Kerala and is considered the greenest world. What I saw is impressive. Can you imagine Skolkovo? Not what Skolkovo is now, but what was supposed to be - campuses, offices, university, apartments ... Now 4 such complexes and a dozen smaller objects are being built in the state of Kerala. Most of the work has already been completed. Throughout the state, optics are laid to bring cheap high-speed Internet to any building. Throughout the state, 3G is stable and 4G is commissioned. And all this - against the background of poverty, chaos and other features that at first lead to confusion.

    The state government has allocated a huge amount of land and continues to allocate funds for the construction of infrastructure. The scale is really impressive.

    Why open a company in India?

    The presentation was given to me by the manager of all state technology parks. He is well aware that India is still far behind Russia in terms of developing business infrastructure, but even more he understands that this is a 3-5 year issue. Before starting network businesses here and introducing automation, they are actively preparing the infrastructure and thinking what to do with tens or hundreds of thousands of small shops and stores that can not stand the competition. By the way, in India, international delivery systems of goods (UPS, DHL, etc.) through post offices already work well.

    At the presentation of the project to turn Kerala into the IT capital of India

    The companies that are now present in technology parks are mainly Indian companies, representative offices of European and American software developers. There are no representatives of Russian business yet. According to colleagues from the technology park, the main problem that can be solved by opening in India is the rapid build-up of the team. Due to the fact that the standard of living in Kerala is higher than in other states, many Indians flock here to get a good education or find a job.

    To estimate costs, the cost of a fully equipped open space (plug and play) for 50 people will be approximately 2500 USD per month + electricity. The base price for outsourcing developers with 5 years of experience in PHP is approximately 3000 USD. At the same time, they practice the scheme when you first rent developers, and then, if the project took off and it makes sense to open a full-fledged office, you can take the entire development team to a company for a certain royalty. A reasonably logical solution to the personnel issue.

    One of the office facilities under construction at the technopark. Exterior view

    Open space, ready to go. Inside view

    The cost of outsourcing, in my opinion, is overpriced. With such prices for Indian production, you cannot build a business for reselling resources (if we talk about Russia). But going there during the development of projects, perhaps it makes sense. Good infrastructure, international expertise, sea, sun. :)

    Even more meaning is the fast-growing Indian market. Small business is growing along with infrastructure. And a population of 1 billion, compared with 150 million in Russia, makes it even more attractive. Those who already know how to work effectively will be able to compete with local companies and take a strong position.

    I also liked the fact that the region has a clear development strategy and a clear goal. The government of Kerala is clearly planning to become the IT center of India. Clear and understandable positioning is what most of our Russian regions so lack.

    Thanks to colleagues from Confianz for an excellent reception, tour and a detailed story.

    As for WebCanape , we are ready to consider investors' proposals for opening WebCanape India. Placement - Cochin. It is the financial capital of Kerala. Near the city is the Infopark Technopark, which belongs to the free economic zone.

    Vasily Churanov and WebCanape team

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