Take your place in the ranking of Intel Android-developers

    Want to get recognition among Android developers, and with it, Intel’s financial and organizational assistance in promoting your product? Then this information is for you. This year, Intel, together with the Apps4All developer community, launched a special project , Intel Rating for Developers . Each quarter, the Intel jury selects several interesting applications for review on the site. The author of the best application receives the status of "Top Intel Developer" and all the above buns.

    • Use the cloud service appthwack.com to test the functionality of your application on devices with an Intel processor. Please note that software testing for the x86 mobile platform (and only for it) can be performed there for free! Examine the results of various tests on various devices - you can even see screenshots - and if everything was completed without errors and warnings, proceed to filling out the case.
    • Fill out the form on the Cases tab of the Intel community page on Apps4All: tell us about the unique functionality of your application and the experience of using Intel tools to create it. Be sure to add a link to the appthwack report.
    • All developers who submit applications to participate in the NDK project will receive Android x86 devices for testing and optimizing their applications. The presence of x86 support in the Android NDK application is a prerequisite for participating in the project. You can also request a device for testing by filling in the appropriate field on the application form.

    Interface appthwack.com

    To qualify for the prize in the 4th quarter, you must send your case before December 20. Winners will be announced on December 26th.

    The results of the previous quarter can be found here .

    Applications will be evaluated by the following criteria:

    Read more about the project in the official rules .

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