Explosive download growth after the release of iPhone 6, what will be the mobile Internet, the new App Store from Xiaomi - and other news of the week for the mobile developer

    The release of iPhone 6+ has given a serious increase in the number of application downloads

    Fiksu, in its new report, announced that the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ at the end of September increased application downloads in October by 42%. This conclusion is based on an analysis of the number of downloads of the Top 200 applications on iOS, while non-gaming applications were not taken into account in this report.

    During October, there were 7.8 million downloads of Top-200 applications per day, compared to 5.5 million in September. At the same time, the average installation price in October increased by 21% and amounted to $ 1.46.

    So the launch of new Apple devices allows you to not only break records on device sales, but also records on the number of downloads per day!

    Mobile Internet Development Forecasts

    Some interesting graphs from the quarterly Ericsson Mobility Report on the development of mobile Internet.

    The most rapid growth among the services is expected precisely with the mobile Internet:

    Only by 2020 will it be possible to say that a third of active devices will support LTE:

    Where and how mobile Internet is developed can be seen in the following graph, but in some regions the offer exceeds the demand by a third:

    You can see even more interesting graphs and conclusions here .

    Opera launches operators for operators

    Mobile operators can now create their own stores with a wide selection of applications and games thanks to Opera's Subscription Mobile Store solution. Users of these stores will be able to download an unlimited number of applications for a small weekly fee.

    The Opera Subscription Mobile Store, which is already used by five operators on three continents, has at its disposal an extensive catalog of applications and games Opera Mobile Store - the third largest application store in the world. The Opera Subscription Mobile Store provides operators with games such as Minecraft, Angry Birds, Star Wars II, My Talking Tom, Ice Age and more. These applications are available on more than 6 thousand models of mobile phones on various platforms, such as Android, Java, Symbian and BlackBerry. Opera constantly rotates and updates applications in the store, the catalog of which is updated weekly by thousands of developers.

    Xiaomi brings Mi App Store to the world market

    The Chinese manufacturer of Xiaomi smartphones and the authors of the add-on to the Android MIUI are sometimes called the Chinese Apple. Most recently, no one knew about them, and now their share in the world market is 5.1%.

    The growth dynamics were excellent - last year they occupied only 1.8% of the market, and, apparently, the Chinese do not intend to stop. To consolidate and develop success, Xiaomi launched its application store and now plans to promote it around the world. So far, their “Mi App Store” is available in Chinese and English and is open to developers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Soon it will be open to all other countries.

    Judging by how rapidly the company is developing, they have every chance to succeed and get on the same level with the most famous brands. At the moment there are more than 3000 applications in the store and more than 5 billion downloads have been made over the past six months.

    Santa Claus and corporate showdown

    Did you know that in the framework of the “throw Google in the cold” campaign, Microsoft wiped the corporation from a partnership with NORAD to track the movement of Santa Claus? Yes, here's a twist. But Google is not going to give up and launches a site for working with Santa - Santa Tracker .

    Throughout December, new projects and games will be laid out on it, and so on until Christmas Eve. In addition, an application for tracking grandparents from a personal smartphone, tablet and even a TV is available. An important observation - this year they promised to improve the sled tracking algorithm.

    How will the official NORAD Santa tracking partner respond? Hey, a site within the Internet Explorer promotion company, of course! Improved performance, optimized for mobile, “rethink what the web can be”, all things. By the way, you can follow Santa on Bing Maps, and this is no accident. And on December 24 it will be possible to do this in real time on an interactive 3D globe, and by clicking on it you can get a page with interesting and funny facts and beautiful pictures. And from the site they promise an adaptive design, so that it can be fully used on all mobile devices.

    Well, if you decided to follow Santa, who would be your choice?

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