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Revolt against the empire
In 2004, it seemed that Microsoft would take over the browser market for a long time. Then there was an open and practical browser called Firefox. And the web has forever ceased to be the same.

Almost exactly ten years ago, Ognelis officially began to exist. He interested many, especially since version 1.0 (which, by the way, wasn’t released for quite a while, as the developer said: “1.0 will be released only when we are sure”). In the Mozilla style, Firefox developers distributed the code of their product so that everyone could learn and improve it. After the release, millions of suggestions appeared to improve the program, since it was an integral part of the Internet user.

Just a couple of years before this event, in 2002 and 2003, few people heard about an organization like Mozilla. And I was no exception.

Before launching Firefox, Mozilla was known only as a crazy nonprofit company. This small group of hackers, known as the Mozillians, was looking for a project that no one thought of or suspected that he really needed it. No one knew that they would create a browser. Everyone used IE, which Microsoft built into Windows by default. In 2004, Internet Explorer was installed on 95% of the world's computers.

Yes, I am ready to repeat myself, since this figure seems impossible at the present time. 95 percent!

WTF? What's happened?!

IE really colonized the entire Internet. Microsoft will later try to get everyone to work with Silverlight, a development tool. (If I were younger, I would probably leave some picky comment, but let this be an exercise for you, Reader.)

Web technology development has stalled. Microsoft completed it, and all innovation has sunk into the abyss.

And then Firefox appeared. They were waiting for him.

Firefox came to us not just as a breakthrough or another Mozilla project. Mozilla has created a suite of tools, including an email client. Even the Mozillians could not do without creating just a browser that would not include something superfluous. But this is not our decision.

In the first month after the release, millions of people found Firefox and began to use only it. In our 2013, we can say that a million is not such a big figure, given the number of users and the number of their devices, but then it was an extremely successful start.

Together with Lys, who was rapidly gaining downloads, and Firebug, an extension for web development, the Internet began to come to life.

The fact that a month ago everyone thought the Internet was fading seemed to be true for everyone, but everything changed. Yesterday's truth has become today's stupidity.

The development team that attempted to attack 95% of the browser market has become a great one. She was praised for risking the right problems at the right time.

And thanks to them for that. They revived the Internet.

Mozilla has opened a new network for us, and especially the era of mobile devices, so popular in 2014. It was this organization that took Microsoft's palm (Firefox was already used on devices by more than a billion people). The appearance of such a browser, focused on developers, meant that new useful services such as Delicio.us and StumbleUpon, as well as Gmail and Pandora, could come to the web. This is also the story of the success of a small group of programmers who defeated a large corporation, many times larger than them.

The work of the Mozillians group, which has been striving to constantly release the new Firefox for all these 10 years, has changed so much for many. This opened the curtain of modern technology.

I recently saw the goals of the Mozilla group. They are impressive. It is a great joy for me that this once-small organization continues to strive to help people, make the web just for them, and fight for their privacy. I hope that their noble mission will last a long time.

Happy Birthday, Firefox! I congratulate everyone who played a role in the Mozilla Foundation for all these 10 years. Ahead of us there is still a huge set of tasks. Keep it up!

Thanks again to ilusha_sergeevich

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