Firebird 2014 Conference Report

    October 24-25, 2014 in Prague hosted an international conference on the Firebird DBMS. There were 110 participants, 18 speakers made 23 interesting presentations.

    The conference was opened by leading developers of the Firebird DBMS Dmitry Emanov and Vlad Khorsun, with reports on new features of Firebird 3, which is being prepared for release in early 2015, and Firebird 4 (2016). The most important news is a shortened release cycle and a focus on resiliency and performance.

    This year the conference turned out with a strong “Russian bias” - in addition to leading developers, there were Pavel Zotov (Firebird QA) from Russia with a story about a realistic test of highly loaded Firebird databases, Roman Simakov, lead developer of RedBaza (a commercial version of Firebird with certification for Russian government organizations) ), as well as Alexey Kovyazin and Dmitry Kuzmenko from ( IBSurgeon ).

    In addition, 2 platinum and 1 silver sponsor were from Russia - Moscow Exchange, iBase (IBSurgeon) and RedSoft, respectively.
    Of course, besides the Russians, there were speakers from the USA, Brazil, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and other countries.

    Special guest speakers at the conference were Ann Harrison and Jim Starkey. Jim Starkey is known for being the original developer of InterBase (back in the 80s), as well as the architect of such solutions as Falcon (MySQL), NuoDB, Netfrastructure and AmorphousDB.

    You can download all the presentations from the conference in a single archive:
    or see them individually (along with some selected photos from the conference): articles / firebird-conference-2014-report-ibsurgeon

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