English Lessons: Habrahabr vs Geektimes

    Comrades, Habravites, we want to discuss with you the latest events in our blog, as well as its bright future.

    HeadMatters wrote interesting things with the almost legendary English lessons tag . On this occasion, of course, we got a post on GT , but remained in mixed feelings according to the results of this event: not much.

    The reader now, of course, may be outraged and say, they say, you snickered there completely, +58 is not enough for them. But no, it’s not about the pluses, it’s about the views, which for such a suitability (this is my personal value judgment), it seems, is not enough. Therefore, I want to understand what is the matter.

    One of the theories is that there is a problem with GT (it seems that only a small part of Habr users read GikTimes), so please advise what to do next with English lessons.

    If you have any wishes regarding filling the ABBYY blog on the mentioned resources, please write in the comments.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    What to do with English lessons?

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