Uptime your sites now in pdf

    What if the authorities require a report on the work of the corporate site? Or if you came up with the brilliant idea of ​​creating a wonderful script that will do everything, everything, everything for you, is it just that you need data in the appropriate format? Starting today, HostTracker provides an expanded set of report formats, as well as the ability to download them at any time.

    How to generate reports?

    Until recently, HostTracker offered reports in the form of regular (every day, week, month - optional) emails. But the format was not very convenient, and such a letter can be lost among business correspondence very easily. Therefore, requests have repeatedly been made to somehow solve this problem. Which we, in fact, did.

    Everything is extremely simple:
    On the page with the list of tasks, select all sites (you can pre-apply a filter if there are many), for which we need to generate a report, and click the "Report" button:


    In the window that appears, set the desired report settings:

    The choice is given - what information to include: statistics, information about site crashes, current status, or all at once. Choose the period for which we want to compile a report. And, of course, the format: for reading and presenting reports to management, we select pdf, and if there is a goal to further independently process the information in any way, then we select csv or xml.

    What do we see in the report?

    How the report looks like can be seen in the screenshot below. It includes information about the last site crash with an indication of the time, error, and list of servers from where this crash was recorded. Also, there is statistics for a certain period of time - both by day and by month (if a period of more than a month has been selected). The information is presented in a convenient form - now you can download a report at any time convenient for you and find all the details you are interested in in one place, instead of looking for them in different sections of our site.


    We will be glad to hear your opinion about this feature. It was created in accordance with the wishes of customers, and if any comments are received, we will take them into account.

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