PENTESTIT. Practical Information Security: 2014 Results, Part I

    Good afternoon!

    We want to greet all the fans of our blog and summarize the brief results of the outgoing 2014. This year, PENTESTIT launched two training programs for experts in the field of practical information security: Zero Security: A and Corporate Penetration Testing Laboratories.

    The programs, as planned, turned out to be different: both in terms of level of preparation and in the complexity of the material taught. I would like to tell you what we have achieved for each of the programs.

    ZeroSecurity: A

    Due to the lack of high-quality practical training for most people, we give the opportunity not only to get acquainted with high-quality theoretical material, but also, most importantly, try to apply the acquired skills in real (“combat”) conditions. A service of this nature does not provide any company in Russia and the CIS, which makes our courses unique and affordable for everyone interested.

    We cooperate with both individuals and companies. Over the past year, we have trained more than 350 people and 30% are legal. faces. This suggests that the business is interested in training its specialists and is ready to pay for it.

    About 20% of those trained and ZS: A came to us at the second stage of preparation - the course "Corporate Laboratories". Looking at these numbers, we understand that we are doing our job for good reason. They trust us, and it is worth a lot.
    Last year's admission to the Zero Security: A course starts on 11/30/14

    Corporate Penetration Testing Labs

    In this course, we have implemented unique technical developments and methods for teaching material. The course turned out to be difficult and interesting. It is very different from “Zero Security: A”, in it we implemented all the most relevant
    attack and protection vectors, fine-tuning both server infrastructure and network equipment, showed in detail the vulnerabilities that may be encountered by specialists supporting the working capacity of the corporate network, systems, Web sites and cloud storage, showed them how significantly can increase the level of information security.

    Under this program, specialists can receive both additional skills and undergo actual retraining. All teachers of the course are “practitioners” with extensive experience. We do not talk about current vulnerabilities, we show them, demonstrating methods of attack and defense. Each new set is essentially a new program in which all the most relevant vulnerabilities at the time of the start of groups are laid down.

    Over the past year, more than 100 specialists attended the KL course. Most of them (90%) are “legal entities”, but there are individuals. persons - people who paid for their education on their own.

    This Sunday, November 16 , 2014 , the launch of the last group of the program “Corporate penetration testing laboratories” this year will take place.

    We receive a lot of positive feedback on our courses, but there are also negative ones - we are always ready to admit our mistakes and improve the quality of the taught material. We thank everyone who left wishes and comments on the courses - thanks to your attention, the program is even more interesting and of high quality.

    Today, according to the comments and reviews left by specialists at the end of the training, the assessment of the quality of training programs is 4.8 out of 5 points. We are proud of such results and will continue to maintain quality at an appropriate level.


    Our goal is to make the courses as convenient and informative as possible, to show that the future of each person depends only on himself, on his perseverance and determination. In difficult times for the country, everyone must make a choice for themselves: either live as it turns out, or go forward. The best investment is an investment in yourself, in your self-development and advanced training.

    Soon, organizations will need qualified specialists, they will not need “beautiful” papers and beautiful faces, they will need a result and quality work.

    In the new year 2015, pleasant surprises await you:
    1. We will introduce new, revised training programs;
    2. A global update is waiting for the “Personal Account” of users, new functions will be added and a completely redesigned design will be presented;
    3. We will launch our own platform for webinars and presentations. A distinctive feature of this site will be the ability to view webinars online using mobile devices based on iOS and Android.

    Thanks to everyone who has been with us throughout this year! Only with your help we become better and more efficient. See you soon!

    Regards, The PENTESTIT Team.

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