The decline in interest in games on Facebook, a million users of the Unity Asset Store, the financial results of Glu Mobile and Ubisoft - and other news of the week for the mobile developer

    Interest in games on Facebook is steadily declining

    Facebook presented its earnings results for the third quarter of 2014, which even exceeded analysts' expectations and amounted to $ 3.2 billion. Also, the face-to-face growth of DAU to 703 million and MAU to 1.12 billion.

    Despite all this, financial director David Wehner described a rather gloomy picture in the gaming direction of Facebook, saying that although in general there has been an increase in payments, players contributed 2% less money to games this quarter, and this percentage will only continue to grow.

    However, it is worth noting that the graph below clearly shows that advertising revenues continue to grow rapidly and at times overlap internal Facebook payments. Also, the report does not say a word about Oculus, although the R&D budget has grown to $ 608 million, which is almost two times more than last year.

    Million Unity Asset Store Users

    Not a week without news about Unity! Four years ago, the Asset Store was opened. During this time, more than 15,000 assets and ready-made applications created by 3,800 developers were uploaded to the store, which saved a lot of money and time for other developers. According to the creators of the Asset Store, by the end of the year, the number of developers using tools and models from the store to create their games will reach one million people!

    If all these models and tools were made by the developers themselves, then they would have spent an additional 6 million working days, which in terms of finances - about 1.4 billion dollars.

    It also gave developers the opportunity to make money selling their tools and assets.

    The NGUI and PlayMaker tools, well known to Unity developers, brought their creators more than one thousand dollars, allowing them to get additional income, but for someone else the main one.

    Asset developer Shader Forge Joachim Holmér shared that the funds received from the sale of the asset allowed him to develop his full-time game for a year. He also receives a huge positive charge, looking at those things that developers create using his tool, and from communicating with the project community.

    Several good-quality games have been released, made entirely from Asset Store models and tools. For example, a game with the straightforward name Stealth for iOS. Several major gaming publications wrote about it.

    Glu Mobile delivers exceptional financial results with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

    The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, launched in the middle of the year, brought more revenue than all the company's titles combined. Since June, the game has been downloaded by nearly 23 million users and has played over 1.2 billion sessions.

    Used data from the Glu Mobile report. The full version can be found here .

    Ubisoft mobile sales are up

    Ubisoft reported for the second half of fiscal year 2015: mobile revenue grew 45%.

    Total sales reached $ 611 million, which is 65% more than in the previous year, however, the company earned $ 156 million in the previous quarter, which is 43% less than in 2013, but higher than Ubisoft’s own expectations - $ 106 million.

    Total revenue the company for the first half year reached $ 30 million, which is an extremely positive trend, given that in the previous year the company estimated losses of $ 124 million.

    The main growth driver is called Watchdogs, the number of sales of which exceeded 9 million copies. In the mobile field, the company names the main titles: Trials Frontier, Assassins Creed Pirates, Hungary Shark Evolution and CSI franchise games.

    Kabam Launches Fresh Hunger Games Game

    In one of our past news feeds, we already mentioned Kabam. This time they announced a game based on the movie The Hunger Games, and, yes, this is a clone of their Heroes of Camelot project with new graphics.

    Let's leave the jokes aside, a great strategy is to occupy a niche tightly and compete between your products. Very cheap to develop, plus using a strong brand. We are sure that the project will be profitable in any situation.

    We won’t go into details of mechanics, it’s a complete clone. Everything that is in the heroes of camelot has been faithfully transferred here. The graphics are nice and quite consistent with the style of the film.

    Well, the forecast is a joke: the next clone will be in the setting of the walking dead.

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