The mechanics of informal communication of C # developers at a conference

    Good afternoon, readers of Habr!

    In order to emphasize the value of informal communication, we first share our opinion on how developer conferences affect the efficiency of the C # ecosystem and the personal income of each developer individually.

    In Moscow, C # has an established labor market with a resistance level of 120-130,000 and a conditional ceiling of 180,000 rubles. At these levels, there is a sufficient supply of quality workforce with a limited number of positions. Soon this market will be redrawn due to changes in the dollar. How to quickly reach these levels and even overcome them?

    To do this, it is important to understand that success in the labor market depends primarily on a combination of skills, and not on the depth of knowledge of any one issue. It is important which road you choose, and not how quickly you go along it. How to find out where to go? Is it necessary to overtake colleagues or can everyone earn more?

    C # Cluster and Developer Conferences

    The set of C # developers, companies, tools, open-source projects is one interconnected cluster. And the success of the element inside, i.e. individual developer, determined by the effectiveness of the cluster as a whole. The cluster works the more efficiently, the more communication and coordination takes place inside the development environment. If you share problems and solutions, unite to solve similar problems, the ecosystem will be more efficient and it will be more profitable for everyone.

    The audience of developers has many needs: learn about new products, see a solution to a difficult technical problem, find an employee or work. There are many thematic niches and formats. At one end of the formats are conferences broadcasting content, at the other end are unconferences in which the schedule and plan are created by the participants at the event. Events vary in training level and marketing volume. But no format can satisfy everyone. It is impossible to combine the novelty of the DevCon conference and the solution of current practical problems. It is difficult to combine informal communication and in-depth technical reports. Therefore, we believe that there should be more different events.

    In the Russian world .Net there are few events, but they are:
    • DevCon - a large conference from Microsoft, is held annually, usually in May in the suburbs and is usually devoted to technical innovations.
    • various events from Microsoft, for example Russian App Day , which will be November 21
    • DotNetConf - a regional conference on .Net in Chelyabinsk, which began to hold its meetings in 2010
    • DotNext - held in St. Petersburg in April 2014 and will soon be held in Moscow on December 8, 2014, a "hardcore" conference on the internals of the CLR, working with memory, profiling and performance
    • GoSharp - thematic conferences with short reports and an emphasis on informal communication (November 15 is the day of personal effectiveness, and December 12 is the team leader day)

    You can often hear C # developers at regional conferences, as well as large SECR conferences or mobile development events.

    The more different events will take place from different organizers, the stronger will be the exchange of experience within the C # ecosystem. We are convinced that coordination between the organizers and planning of such events will be useful for the community as a whole and will allow to completely close the spectrum of needs.

    One of the upcoming events takes place with the information support of Luxoft and the participation of one of our trainers - Andrei Gordienkov violettape, who is a member of the organizing team and speaker in the section "Effective Code Writing". We would like to share information on the mechanics of networking at such an event and ask for your advice. Further, the narrative will go on behalf of the organizers.

    GoSharpMoscow November 15 and how to earn more

    The first day is called "Day of Personal Effectiveness." This is a diplomatic designation of the problem that the conference is solving - to help the C # developer to earn more.

    Finding a path to higher income is somewhat similar to a binary search tree, or even a decision tree. At the very beginning are the most important forks. Probably everyone remembers the tasks of weighing coins. So here - you can weigh for a long time, but you can come to the result by making several correct decisions.

    All topics and sections at the conference are issues of choice and decisions. Which tool to choose? Which approach? How to be more productive? What technology? The productivity and demand of the developer, and as a result, the level of income, depend on these decisions. This day does not add scientific novelty. But in a short time it allows you to understand how to prioritize in professional development. In addition, the format involves the collection of recipes, which can add 3-5% to effectiveness. And 15 such tips - this, as you can easily calculate, (1.05) ^ 15> 2, can give a doubling of productivity. Each section is structured like this: a few short reports, a discussion, and then a coffee break. First section:

    The compactly assembled section on “Mobile Development in C #” will also help with the choice of UI development technologies in the context of a rapid increase in the share of mobile devices.

    In the section “Career and Education of a .Net Developer” in one of the reports you will learn how resistance levels are formed by different forces in the labor market, how income depends on a combination of different characteristics, how career growth is explained by the theory of minimums or reasons for failure, what are the ways of learning and what is the salary-technological trap.

    The reports are specially short, but there is enough time for you to feel the personalities of the speakers and experts and their recommendations. You can watch the program later, the link at the end of the article.

    You will learn “where to dig” in relation to various aspects of professional development, and you can easily find content for mastering technologies, especially if you speak English.

    Informal communication on GoSharp

    In order to not only hear “where to dig” from the stage, but also to ask colleagues again, informal communication will be organized. It allows you to:
    • exchange information on tasks and corporate culture in companies
    • junior developers - ask mentors for advice
    • project and startup managers - find people on the team for permanent and remote work
    • start-up managers - establish contacts with colleagues who also have their own projects
    • just chat with colleagues to broaden your horizons

    Often, acquaintances begin with discussions in small groups around the speakers after the reports, or simply when the people sitting next to each other throw a couple of phrases. In order to have more piles, the number of speakers and experts has been increased and they will be presented to the audience from the very beginning and involved in the discussion. The number and duration of breaks have been increased - there will be five such time zones with a total duration of 3 hours.
    But more importantly, forced networking will be organized for part of the audience. How exactly?
    Four tools are prepared:
    • tags on cocktail tables (we can supply 30-40 pieces)
    • speed networking (10 tables)
    • network moderators who will work in the hall
    • transfer of discussions to negotiation.

    Tags on cocktail tables - we have not seen this before at other events, so, of course, this is an experiment with a certain degree of risk. But many of you were probably annoyed that you could not find a colleague with similar interests at the conference. Therefore, why not try this method?

    Each cocktail table has a plate with a tag or name that indicates a sign of grouping. Then you can have coffee with those people who share your interests. For example, WPF, WinForms, Silverlight, EF Code First, SQL Server. Signs are also possible, Luxoft Alumni, Kaspersky Alumni or “C # in the regions”.

    What would we like? To arrange the tables boosted communication. For example, you can have tables “freelancers”, “looking for a contractor”, “CTO” not far from each other. Let some tables gather identical participants. Some are suppliers and consumers of a certain type. What is the best way to do this from a mathematical point of view?

    With regard to discussions in the negotiation room. In them we will transfer conversations with speakers after the sections if the discussion drags on and it is time to start the next section. Many speakers promised us to show their applications in physical implementation - on various mobile devices, which they specially bring for demonstration.
    The format of speed dating will allow to establish the following relationships: customer - freelancer, employer - developer. Junior and Middle developers will be able to ask the advice of those who are experts or just work in a company with a strong development culture. And another format is dinner-afterparty. Many ask if he will. Yes it will!

    Additional Information

    Program and registration: on the conference website .
    A little bit about the team leader day December 12th.
    Three sections: architecture, project and source code management, organizational structures and labor specialization in the .Net team. Among the speakers, the prevailing practices are the leaders of medium and large teams, CTO, and resource managers. It is equipped with reports almost completely, and not everything is reflected on the site (reports have not yet been added from Amazon Web Services in the Architecture section, and report on the creation of infrastructure for distributed turn-key team development). > 50% of the participants of the team leader day (130 participants and 14 experts) have already registered. We invite you to join.
    Other GoSharp events in 2015 will focus on specific topics: Asp.Net, Desktop / Business Applications, C # Highload, Backend and APIs, C # Clean Code. Concept: short reports, one track, a lot of communication, affordable price. Read more about them and submitting applications for reports here .

    Returning to the tasks of the current day, questions to readers:
    • What tag names for cocktail tables do you find useful? Which tag would you like to go to yourself?
    • What tricks or tables can be effective?
    • What parameters of the GoSharp conference (program, format) should be corrected so that it is more useful to the audience in the given format?
    • What other events in the world of C # /. Net do you know, but we did not mention? What events do you miss?

    If you have questions, contact nickevdokimov and VioletTape .

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