Sectional stun gun: 3,000,000 volts for training purposes

    (3,000,000 volts - the inscription on the box, the actual voltage at the output is unknown)

    Inspired by the experiments of Lugansk colleagues and interest in cutting a laser , I decided to continue to explore the insides of powerful devices that can be easily bought in an online store. (Thanks to for the equipment provided.)

    A bit of history

    In 1852, Albert Sunenberg and Philip Rechten patented a technology by which a harpoon was connected by a wire to equipment on a ship, as a result of which the animal received a strong discharge of electric current. 100 years passed, and then the whales didn’t move.

    A distant relative of stun guns can be considered an electric whip for animals, patented by an American Henry Dixon back in 1915. Other inventors developed his idea in their stun device, until, finally, someone John Cover gave this product all the features of a modern stun gun. In 1974, he filed a patent for a device called "Weapons for Immobilization and Detention", which implies the defeat of a person by high-voltage alternating current.

    What was I thinking first of all when I came across a stun gun?
    About the fact that you can capture a living alien

    UFO Nostalgia

    Is it weak to paralyze this comrade?

    Under the cat are a few photos and a description of what is inside the stun gun-flashlight, plus how to make a stun gun yourself and how to make a body armor against a stun gun

    (During the evolution of the Decepticons, stun guns learned to disguise themselves as different objects)

    (My stun gun (Lightning Premium) is unobtrusively “sewn” into diode flashlight)

    (Walked around Hackspace with an offer just to hold on to the wiring)

    (The all-aluminum case is not designed to be untwisted, but will this stop someone?)

    (Without a “connecting” tape. To the right is a “compartment” with transformer, in the center - a compartment with a switch, on the left - a compartment with capacitors)

    All the modules are flooded with resin, while picking, I felt like a paleontologist at the excavation site. Below is what we managed to extract using pliers, a screwdriver and a hacksaw for metal.

    (Coils, capacitors, diodes, a fragment of a ferromagnet)

    Operating principle

    Enhanced muscle contraction in the area of ​​contact with the electrodes leads to their rapid depletion due to decomposition of sugar in the blood. These processes, combined with moderate pain and a strong psychological effect, lead to short-term immobilization of the muscles and temporary disability of the attacker. (I think that girls will figure out which muscle should be immobilized / exhausted first)

    A sharp sound (“rattle”) leads to confusion for a few seconds, which can be used.

    Bulletproof vest against a shocker

    There were craftsmen who made from a carbon sling a lining for a jacket that protects from a stun gun


    Do it yourself

    Another friend was very upset by the low power of the shockers that are on sale, and decided to make his own shocker.
    According to the author, “mere mortals are forbidden to wear / use a shocker with a power of more than 3 watts” and easily soldered a shocker with a power of 70 watts from the remnants of a player with

    similar components




    A more detailed description is here

    Video tutorials on building the most powerful shocker

    As a schoolboy, one of the coolest electric toys was a lighter piezoelectric element. I felt if not Raiden, then Joker from old Batman. Plus he conducted a bunch of experiments with what place to click himself, so that a certain finger twitched.

    If the creator of FidoNet teaches children to hack cars , and a skateboarder teaches Afghan children physics and history while riding on a board, why not make the works / life history / electrodynamics more visual and not do useful things?

    It’s clear that there is a question of safety / adequacy and responsibility (but I collected a slingshot from a medical harness in the 5th grade that pierced the roofing sheet with a bullet from Makarov, which is much more dangerous than a shocker and long-range), but it will be interesting to the boys.

    I wonder if the Trudoviks of the new generation will tell schoolchildren how to assemble a shocker or laser on their own?

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