Tinkoff Bank at a conference on efficiency in development in C #

    On November 15, our colleagues Kirill Bessonov and Andrei Shelekhin will take part in the GoSharp Moscow conference for C # /. NET developers in the section "Mobile Development in C #".


    Kirill Bessonov will make a report on the architecture of the bank’s mobile applications using the example of the Tinkoff Mobile Wallet service.
    From the report you can learn:
    - about the principles of building the architecture of mobile applications;
    - about shared libraries that are used in other projects;
    - about additional components that help us in developing applications. What to choose from and what are the alternatives.
    - how we monitor the application, analyze, collect crash reports.


    Andrey Shelyokhin will talk about cross-platform development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone in C # using Xamarin technology.
    In his speech, Andrey will answer questions:
    - What is Xamarin?
    - What capabilities does this technology have?
    - How does it work inside?
    - Pros and cons of using Xamarin for cross-platform development.
    - How to maximize code reuse between platforms?
    - What Xamarin helper tools are there for mobile development?


    The format of the conference involves an emphasis on informal communication and discussion, so the reports will be short - about 15-20 minutes. After the section, participants will be able to chat with experts and ask additional questions.

    A month later, on December 12, there will be a continuation of the conference for team leaders, architects and development managers.
    The conference program and registration is available on the site .

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