All TechEd Europe 2014 Announcements: Partners, Clouds, and IT Pro News

    On October 28, the TechEd Europe 2014 conference kicked off , during which several key announcements were made. New offers from Microsoft partners, new technologies for building IT infrastructure were announced, and new and updated Microsoft Azure cloud services were presented .

    Below are the new technology announcements and all the news from TechEd Europe 2014.

    As part of the plenary report, the news and announcements presented earlier were also announced: the new high-performance virtual machines of the G series and the new high-performance storage Azure Storage Premium. You can familiarize yourself with these announcements here .

    New offers from partners

    We are announcing the launch of the new Azure Marketplace - a place where partners, customers and simple developers can place, monetize or search for and place ready-made solutions in the Azure cloud in a few clicks.

    We are pleased to welcome among the first partners of Azure Marketplace solutions from Kaspersky Lab , NGINX Plus ( press release ), Veeam and others, such as SAP, Cloudera, DataStax, CommVault, Trend Micro, Core OS, Cassandra clusters from DataStax, distributed by Riak databases from Basho and hundreds of others.

    Partners can place their solutions with different prices and licenses. Users will pay for purchased solutions as they are used, paying only for what they have consumed. Already now you can find solutions for every taste from more than 3,000 presented at the Azure Marketplace !

    New technologies for building IT infrastructure

    New Azure Operational Insights service (log analytics, server fleet and data center monitoring service)

    A new Azure Operational Insights service has been introduced for IT professionals . This cloud service allows you to centrally collect, combine, compare and visualize the data of your fleet of computer equipment. The service will allow you to integrate with your data center and manage the capacity of its resources, monitor server updates and configuration changes, and review configurations of working environments and processes.

    p> The

    previously available System Center Advisor becomes part of Azure Operational Insights. Learn more about the service at the following links:

    Azure networking features A number of Microsoft Azure networking features updates

    have been introduced for the cloud infrastructure needs . Below is a list and a brief description:

    • Network Security Groups - Now you can create and use network security groups and rules to control inbound and outbound traffic of VMs or VM groups on a subnet. Groups and rules are controlled independently of the virtual machines themselves;


    • Multi-NIC Support - now you can create, configure and use several virtual network interface cards in VM;


    • Forced Tunneling - now you can redirect all Internet traffic that is born in cloud services through corporate networks and VPNs for additional monitoring and auditing;


    • ExpressRoute Enhancements - ExpressRoute users can now share a single connection point for multiple Azure subscriptions. Plus, any virtual network can be connected to several ExpressRoute networks;

    • New dimensions of VPN Gateway - to solve the tasks of high loads when building hybrid solutions, more productive Azure VPN gateways were introduced, which will accelerate data exchange when working with ExpressRoute and Site-to-Site VPN gateways;

    • Operational logs and audit logs for VNet Gateways and ExpressRoute - now you can analyze and monitor the operation logs of the Virtual Network Gateways and ExpressRoute networks. The Azure portal now has the ability to display all the data necessary for analysis by logs and API calls, as well as planned infrastructure updates;

    • Virtual Network Gateway Policies - You can now control the encryption of tunnels between virtual networks. The options are available encryption options 3DES, AES128, AES256 and Null, as well as the inclusion of the option Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) for IPsec / IKE gateways;

    • Source IP Affinity - Azure load balancer now supports the new Source IP Affinity load balancing mode (also known as session affinity or client IP affinity). Now you can balance traffic based on a combination of two parameters (Source-IP, Destination-IP) or three parameters (Source-IP, Destination-IP and Protocol);

    • Traffic Manager Nested Policies - Now you can create nested policies to manage Traffic Manager traffic for more complex load balancing scenarios. Detailed announcement ;

      2. Nested Load-Balancing, Performance Weights

    • Managing Internal Load Balancer, Reserved and Instance IP addresses for VM on the new portal - now you can configure the parameters of the internal load balancer, as well as IP backup on the new Azure portal.

    New Enterprise Mobility

    Features The conference featured some of the latest innovations related to Enterprise Mobility, including:

    • new features of Microsoft Intune service, including unique integration with mobile office applications;
    • Mobile device management built right into Office 365
    • New security features in Azure Active Directory and Azure Rights Management Services document control.

    Read more about all the announcements of Enterprise Mobility in this article .

    Integration with Docker (container support in Azure)

    In a plenary talk, Mark Russinovich demonstrated using a live example of using Linux-based Docker containers in Microsoft Azure, managing containers from new Windows tools and publishing solutions from Docker Hub to a container using Docker management tools for Windows

    Learn more about Azure and Docker integration announcements in this article .

    New and updated cloud services

    New Azure Batch service (HPC tasks and clusters on demand)

    A new Azure Batch service has been introduced , which makes it easy to perform HPC and loaded batch tasks in the cloud while scaling from tens to tens of thousands of virtual machines on demand.

    As part of a plenary report, Mark Russinovich demonstrated with a real example how the extension for the popular 3D tool Blender allows using Azure Batch to select 37 virtual machines for calculating complex graphics and requesting to render a scene tenfold faster on request directly from the editor.

    Azure batchyour will allow you to solve the following problems: process data packets as soon as possible, allocating as much power as you need on demand, build and receive clusters on request in the cloud, scale hundreds of times, perform tasks on a schedule and from queues, scale on demand and automatically, get all this in the form of a ready-made service without infrastructure costs.

    Announcement of a new service in the official blog. Find out more about the new service on the official page . Python code samples for Azure Batch are available on GitHub .

    New Azure Stream Analytics service (real-time streaming data) New Azure Stream Analytics service

    Designed to solve business problems in processing incoming data streams in real time. The service allows you to process millions of events per second, compare data stream values ​​with historical values, scale on demand and automatically and available to the user in minutes at the first request without investment in infrastructure.

    Azure Stream Analytics includes “out of the box” integration with another Azure Event Hubs service, which allows you to connect external devices to processing to simultaneously process huge amounts of data in real time.

    A detailed announcement of the service can be found here . Additional information on using the Azure Stream Analytics service is available at this link .

    New Azure Data Factory Service(orchestration by data streams in the cloud) A new Azure Data Factory service has been introduced , which offers customers a single mechanism for managing data movements, orchestrating and monitoring various data sources, including SQL Server, Azure Blobs, Tables, SQL Database. Developers can use Azure Data Factory to build efficient workflows that integrate, aggregate, and transform data from on-premises, cloud, or remote services. A detailed announcement of the service can be found here . Sample JSON code for working with Azure Data Factory is available on GitHub at this link . Additional information on using the Azure Data Factory service is available at this link.


    Azure Automation GA (Infrastructure Deployment Automation Service) Release Azure Automation enables

    Azure administrators and users to create, deploy, monitor and maintain resources in an Azure cloud environment with scalable and flexible workflow tools and scripts. Azure Automation is based on PowerShell Workflows (runbooks) to describe all administration and deployment automation processes. You can start creating runbooks from scratch or start one of hundreds of ready runbooks from the gallery on the Azure portal. Useful Azure Automation resources: blogs , documentation , forum , User Voice .

    image image

    Release of Azure Event Hubs GA (cloud-based IoT service for connecting thousands of devices and processing millions of events)

    Azure Event Hubs, previously available in previews, is now commercialized. The service allows you to receive and process millions of incoming messages in real time and deliver them to cloud applications. The service is focused on the Internet of things and connected devices, allowing you to combine thousands of devices and millions of events.

    A detailed description of working with the service can be found here . New Microsoft IoT Blog .

    Microsoft Antimalware GA Release and New VM Extensions

    • Microsoft Antimalware GA for VM and Cloud Services. An extension has been introduced into commercial operation to protect virtual machines and cloud services using the Microsoft Antimalware antivirus engine.


    • Azure VM extension for Octopus Deploy. Detailed description and announcement on the Octopus Deploy blog .

    • Extension PowerShell Desired State Configuration . Additional information is available here .

    • Visual Studio Release Management Extension . An extension that allows you to prepare virtual machines for working with Release Management.

    Visual Studio Online and other tools update

    • Visual Studio Online is available in the European region. Now users can use the service from the Azure West Europe region. A detailed announcement can be found here .

    • VS Online REST APIs and Service Hooks RTM . The final version of the REST API for managing VSO has been released. Details .

    • Application Insights SDK released . Announcement and detailed description of the release in this article .

    • Themes and settings on the new Azure portal. New configuration options are available for the new Azure portal, including a choice of themes, including dark.

    • New ability to create stress tests . An affordable, lightweight, faster ability to do stress testing with Visual Studio Online. Details on the official blog .

    New Azure Websites Migration Assistant tool

    Introduced a new Azure Websites Migration Assistant tool that automates and greatly simplifies the migration of web applications running on dedicated servers or hosting based on IIS 6 and higher to the Azure WebSites PaaS Cloud.

    This tool is distributed open source, which is available here . A quick introduction to the service can be found here .

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