With the BeLuvv app, every smartphone user can help in finding a lost child

    Your contribution to the happiness of the family

    Each family is the years woven from cozy home evenings, thousands of warm words spoken. The main support and stronghold are our loved ones. There wouldn’t be so much love in the world if it weren’t for the children. Did you know that you can save a child’s life by installing a free application? Yes, today everyone has such an opportunity. BeLuvv programmers, having invested hours of effort and painstaking work, created a free application for the Android and OS operating systems, which makes it possible to track the whereabouts of the child. With each application installed, the chances of finding a lost child are greater.

    How the BeLuvv app works

    It does not bother with meaningless sound signals and updates, it does not eat up charging. At the same time, it has a very important social function - the search for small losses. The search system is based on a small safety bracelet. If a child who has a BeLuvv Guardian bracelet on his hand is lost, parents can ask for help from all users of the application through a common search network. In this case, the parent receives a notification when their child is near the user of the application. Anonymity is what is especially important. So say the creators of the application. Therefore, the signal will be sent to the parent in a closed order, and the user, thanks to whom the child is found, does not receive any signals.

    Please note that you do not need to wear a bracelet to help one of the families. Children put on bracelets, and you just need to download the application to save someone's life.

    Application benefits

    • Today, users of smartphones based on Android and iOS can use the application. The number of users is constantly growing, which means that children will be more often and faster.
    • The ability to see the location of the child on the map. It is very convenient and effective in case of search.
    • Issuing a warning that the child is going too far. Often this feature allows you to timely prevent the loss of a child.
    • Water resistant and low cost bracelet. You can buy a bracelet that has been working completely autonomously for several months at the official representative office of BeLuvv in Russia
    • The application is endowed with a mass of useful options that facilitate the search for a child. Setting up and managing the application is a snap.
    • Tracking can be turned off / on at any time.

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