The digest of interesting news and materials from the world of PHP No. 50 (October 6 - October 26, 2014)

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    • RFC: Exceptions in the engine - A proposal to implement ordinary exceptions instead of fatal errors was rejected earlier as being too dramatic for the minor version of PHP. Now it is proposed to include this feature in the release of PHP 7. Unlike the previous version, in addition to fatal errors, it will also be possible to catch parsing errors.
    • RFC: Objects as hash keys - It is proposed to add a magic method __hash()that allows you to use objects as keys of arrays.
    • RFC: Return Type Declarations - Updated type hinting clause for return values. Suggested syntax:function getUser(): User { return new User(); }
    • RFC: Readonly Properties - It is proposed to add another access modifier readonly, which will indicate the properties available for writing inside the class and only for reading outside it.
    • RFC: UString - Suggestion to include the ustring extension in the kernel, thus getting the UString class encapsulating Unicode string handling.
    • RFC: Safe Casting Functions - It is proposed to add functions to_int(), to_float()and to_string(), which will return falsein case the transmitted value cannot be cast to the appropriate type.
    • RFC: Remove deprecated functionality in PHP 7 - Suggestion to remove all deprecated features in PHP 7.
    • RFC: Anonymous Classes v2 - Second attempt to implement anonymous classes in PHP.
    • RFC: PHP 7.0 timeline - Release Plan for PHP 7. The final version is expected in October 2015.
    • PHP 5.6 constants - An interesting undocumented feature of PHP 5.6: arrays can be assigned to constants.


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