PNG with alpha + opacity in IE7

    PNG + IE7 opacity test result

    It was necessary to add smoothly appearing PNG images with an alpha channel to the site . IE5.5-IE6 overcame a bug fix using AlphaImageLoader. I expected that with IE7 there would be no problems in this regard. It was wrong ...

    In IE7, when imposing transparency on a semi- digit PNG, the 8-bit alpha channel starts to behave like 1-bit. Fully transparent pixels are transparent and remain, and those that were at least slightly opaque are superimposed on a black background.

    In addition, the opacity property of CSS3 was not introduced in IE7.

    The test is attached by

    UPD: On the above mentioned site, in order to achieve the desired effect, I had to use the old trick applied to translucent PNG in IE <7. Here you have the alpha channel support.

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