Talk to me ... support ...

    Somehow, it initially turned out that all my professional activity was directly related to the service. CNC machine tools, telecommunications equipment, computers ... and hosting.
    I don’t know if the reader agrees with me or not, but hosting is a collection of services that includes perhaps the whole range of disciplines I have listed.
    Even machines with numerical control in the modern world are nothing but a component of a single infosphere (not my word, this is (c) Dan Simmons, Hyperion).

    But the point is not in words.

    I became interested in the very principle of forming a service, which is a direct companion of any service - user support, including technical.

    And since we are on the hosting blog, I want to talk about support - as I once put it, the eyes, ears and lips of any hosting service, as well as those who have to look and talk to these bodies from time to time, as well as from them hear answers, desired or not.

    But there will be no article. It will be more likely a client-oriented discussion, because I really want to hear exactly the opinion of the client part of the local population ... :)
    But the representatives of the services themselves will also not be ignored.

    I'll start with a simple ...
    How long can a customer wait until the representative of the support service answers him?
    What should support say? Immediately give a solution to a customer problem? And if not, should he report to the client on the progress in resolving his problem.
    Or first, it’s enough to make it clear to the client that his problem is being solved.

    Is a human approach, or a sufficiently dry technical language, or even a formal appeal, appropriate in such cases?

    Thanks in advance for constructive comments.

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