The final program of the conference of mobile developers #MBLTDev was published

    Next week, October 28, in Moscow will be held our first conference of mobile developers #MBLTDev . For three months we searched for speakers, selected reports, followed the latest in mobile development to make an interesting conference with unique reports for you.

    We gathered experts from Twitter, PayPal, VKontakte, TCS Bank, Odnoklassniki, Soundcloud, Artsy, Parallels, Google, Intel, ViaForensics, Aviasales and Realm, who will present reports on cross-platform development, iBeacon trilateration, mobile device security, use of wearable gadgets for authentication, Kotlin and Swift programming and more. So, we present to your attention the final program #MBLTDev .

    10:10 Modern Authentication Tim Messerschmidt, PayPal
    10:40 “Swift Development” Ash Furrow, Artsy
    11:10 “VKontakte Mobile Advertising” Andrey Novoselsky, VKontakte
    11:30 “The Benefits of Using Intel INDE for Cross-OS Development” Ilya Slavutin, Intel
    12:00 “A practical example of code reuse. How to improve quality and speed up development ”Dmitry Tarasov, TCS Bank
    12:30 “Experience using MVVM in real projects” Yuri Buyanov, Classmates
    12:55 “IOS device security” Andrey Belenko, viaForensics
    14:25 “Acquaintance with codesign” Ruslan Gumenny, e-Legion
    14:50 “Functional testing of Android applications” Alexey Korovyansky, Mb-Lock
    15:15 “Core Data: Usage Features and Synchronization in iCloud” Ruslan Shevchuk, Aviasales
    15:40 “Trilateration with iBeacon” Alexander Cherny, Indie developer
    16:10 “Developing a backend for a mobile application using the Google Cloud” Dmitry Nefedkin, Google
    16:35 “The Lessons We Learned While Creating Realm” Brian Münholm, Realm
    17:05 “Kotlin for Android, or an easy way to stop programming in Java” Ilya Ryzhenkov, JetBrains
    17:35 “How we remade an iOS app from scratch” Andy Carvel, Soundcloud
    18:05 “Developing First-Class SDKs for Android” by Tye Smith, Twitter
    18:35 “How not to become hostage to one platform” Alexey Panfilov, Parallels

    Promotion for Habrauser

    You still have the opportunity to get a discount on #MBLTDev depending on the size of your karma. For example, if karma is 23, then the discount will be 23%. The maximum discount is 90%.
    To receive a discount, send me a personal message marked "#MBLTDev" from your account. To purchase a ticket you need to register on the conference website. The ticket cannot be transferred to another person.

    See you on October 28 at #MBLTDev !

    Organizers of e-Legion and RAEC.
    Partners: Odnoklassniki, Tinkoff Credit Systems, VKontakte, Digital October.

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