Veeam announces a free backup utility for physical machines and servers

    It's been over a week since then, both in the city of sin, Las Vegas ended a three-day conference of Veeam , on which the company's management was divided plans for the future were discussed current issues of virtualized data world, storage, processing and ensure uninterrupted availability, read technical reports and there were many other interesting events inherent in any good conference from an industry leader.
    But among other things, I would especially like to highlight the announcement of a new product - Veeam Endpoint Backup with the Free registry . The only task of this application will be backup of physical machines.

    Under the cut, I tried to accumulate all the currently available information about the upcoming new product and suggest thinking why the recognized Jedi Master backups of virtual environments planned to go into an adjacent area.

    And maybe you immediately object:
    • Veeam always claimed that the future is in virtualization, that iron servers are the last century and rudiment, and therefore the company will never be engaged in backup of physical machines. It turns out to be a lie?

    But they didn’t lie. We will call it a “pun”. The term Endpoint, wired in the name, should be understood as the working machine of a certain user (end user), which, in a good way, should contain only working files, and a set of non-server applications. Veeam positions the future product as a solution specifically for individual workstations of IT professionals, moreover, personal, home and lamp i.e. in an enterprise environment, of course, no one will prohibit its use, but common sense should give preference to specialized products with centralized management, the ability to be completely transparent to the end user, etc.

    Of course, the difference is exclusively ideological, but when it comes to discussing the requirements for servers and workstations in general, as well as their backups in particular, it is these requirements that divide them into two such dissimilar camps. For example, you just need to remember about the possibility of clustering, as many issues resolve themselves.

    Next, immediately, the question arises:
    • Yeah, since the product is not only for home use, then I can quite legally deploy it in my% company_name% and will be great?

    Putting aside fortune-telling on coffee grounds, until the publication of the EULA text, it is currently stated that there will be no restrictions on use. Do what you want, but at your own peril and risk.
    But, Petka, there is a nuance! (c) The
    application will need to be installed on each individual machine, prescribe the settings and verify that everything works as intended. No centralized deployment and management. Everything is exclusively handles.

    And if for the owners of a fleet of ten cars this is a completely feasible task, then for those on whose shoulders lies the concern for a more serious scale, this entertainment seems extremely doubtful. Although, if you are bored with the night shift ...
    It’s also possible that the problem of mass deployment and settings can be solved with the help of scripts, SCCM and similar solutions, but here everyone is his own assistant.
    But, of course, no one will prohibit the use of the application at your discretion. If you have one bored iron server, and the entire infrastructure has already been transferred to the virtual world, then using Endpoint Backup will probably be the best solution.

    It is time to ask another burning question:
    • Free software, which means no technical support, except for a corner on the official forum, where once in 100 years they will answer the most trivial questions, and the lion's share of the work will be done by the community!

    The corner will undoubtedly be. Everyone loves forums, as without them.
    But once Veeam, always Veeam. In narrow circles of a wide audience, Veeam is known as a company with a surprisingly soft and loyal policy of support for all its products and the upcoming solution will not be an exception. It has already been announced that support will be provided for Veeam Endpoint Backup, but naturally, without SLA and other good technical support buns. In any case, this is already much better than in 99% of cases of free software.

    • A little about purely technical details will be?

    Undoubtedly I have them! Here's what has been announced at the moment:
    - Will work on Windows 7 and above. Server platforms will be supported from Windows Server 2008. All * nix, unfortunately, are past.
    - Backup files will be stored in VBK format, which is native to all Veeam products. This will allow them to operate from “adult products” such as Backup & Replication and Enterprise Manager. For example, automatically send backups to cloud storage.
    - Backup and data recovery is possible in three iterations: separate files, a whole disk and the whole machine.

    - You can store backups wherever you like

    - When restoring an entire machine to bare metal, a recovery disk will be created in which there will be available small, but valuable, amenities like iron tests, managing the boot queue, resetting the local administrator password, etc.

    - Incremental backups by itself I

    would also like to mention the ability to perform granular data recovery from applications installed on a secured machine, which is possible due to compatibility with the main products, where this feature is already implemented in the current version.

    Elements for SQL, SharePoint, Active Directory, Exchange will be available for recovery. What they all do on the endpoint machine is a separate issue, but it is better to provide for such an opportunity than to refuse it.

    • And when will it be possible to try?

    The company plans to release a public beta version in November of this year, with a release in early 2015. But in order not to pass by, it is better to register for the beta version now on a special page

    In addition, I want to arrange a short survey in order to find out interest in such a Utility in the Russian-speaking IT community.

    Add 04.12.2041: The distribution of invitations to beta has begun. The newsletter will be phased, but enough for everyone.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Is such a utility useful to you?

    • 76.9% I think that I will use 411
    • 15.1% I am sure that I will definitely pass by 81
    • 7.8% I have other Veeam products and such a bonus will definitely come in handy 42

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