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    Publisher Peter decided to recall the good, but forgotten books on clean code:


    1. Clean code: creation, analysis and refactoring. Library programmer - R. Martin
    2. The ideal code - E. Oram, G. Wilson
    3. Readable code, or Programming as an art - D. Boswell, T. Foucher

    Clean code: creation, analysis and refactoring. Programmer's Library

    Annotation: even a bad program code can work. However, if the code is not “clean”, it will always interfere with the development of the project and the company-developer, taking away significant resources for its support and “taming”. This book is about good programming. It is full of real code examples. We will consider the code from different directions: from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and even from the inside. After reading the book, you will learn a lot about the code. Moreover, you will learn to distinguish good code from bad. You will learn how to write good code and how to convert bad code to good. The book consists of three parts. The first part outlines the principles, patterns, and techniques for writing clean code; given a large amount of code examples. The second part consists of practical scenarios of increasing complexity. Each scenario is an exercise in cleaning the code or converting the problem code into code with fewer problems. The third part of the book is a concentrated expression of its essence. It consists of one chapter with a list of heuristic rules and “code smells” collected during the analysis. This part is a knowledge base that describes our way of thinking in the process of reading, writing and cleaning code.

    Идеальный код

    Annotation: in this unique book, the most authoritative software developers share the experience of the original problem solving that they faced in the implementation of large IT projects. With this edition, the reader will have the opportunity to be on the site of leading programmers, to see with their own eyes the problems encountered in the implementation of various projects, and to go through an exciting way to overcome them. Author articles are selected by Greg Wilson, editor of Dr. Dobb's Journal, one of the most respected IT publications in the world, as well as the editor of O'Reilly, Andy Oram. Only a list of authors makes this book a real bestseller - here you will find materials written by such recognized professionals as Charles Petzold, John Bentley, Tim Bray, Brian Kernighan,

    Читаемый код, или Программирование как искусство

    Annotation: any programmer has seen a code that is so careless and so replete with errors that it starts to hurt from reading it. For five years, the authors of this book have analyzed hundreds of examples of “bad” code (mostly its own), trying to determine what a particular code is bad for and how it can be improved. What conclusion did they come to? It is necessary to write such code that the reader will be able to understand as quickly as possible, and even if this reader is the creator of this code itself. This book discusses the basic principles and practical methods that can be used every time you write code. In each chapter, an example of simple code samples written in different programming languages ​​explores a separate aspect of code creation and demonstrates how to make the code easy to understand.

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