Brick Drone - a quadrocopter from the LEGO constructor

    It has long been known that from LEGO you can collect not only starships from STAR WARS or Delorian from "Back to the future", but also quite practical things .

    Most recently (in September of this year) on Kickstarter, the LEGO Brick Drone Frame project , a set for creating a quadrocopter from LEGO, successfully completed .

    The idea of ​​the authors of the project was born back in 2012 and has just now grown from a hobby into a business.

    Of the required 200 dollars, more than 6 thousand were raised!

    The kit includes both standard designer parts and components specially designed and printed on a 3D printer - engine mounts and a GoPro camera mount.

    The kit is already available for order on the project website for $ 125. Sadly, in addition to the designer parts and mounts themselves, it includes only assembly instructions and a recommended list of other components, i.e. motors, battery, etc. will have to be purchased independently.

    PS Without departing from the topic, I want to ask readers what design kits for creating drones you know that could be used in the educational process for children (assembly, tuning, flights)?

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