Why they didn’t call me back -2, or where the applicants disappear

    The third day I was driving from point A to point B, and talking with one lady.

    A lady with an experienced eye identified a computer technician in me, and she shared her grief - they need a programmer. Of course, I immediately said that I was not a programmer, but I can talk, why not talk on the road?

    Suddenly it turned out that the lady is HR, and she needs not just a programmer, and not a programmer at all, but the developer of one yellow program.

    And here she is, in all respects * an experienced 26-year-old by hand , half a year cannot solve this sadness, after hundreds of interviews, and sometimes even a couple of interviews.

    Of course, I immediately said that it does not happen that 1c-nicknames in nature as a whole are like admins of localhost on the first site on politolitka in runet, and something is wrong here.

    What happened next - under the cut.

    * with her words.

    So introductory

    Part 1. The situation in the retelling of HR

    There is a certain city Ensk. The city is like a city, nothing special. The city is big, there are several old military factories, some are still working.

    Near the city there is a location, slightly distant from the city, half an hour * way from the center.
    In this location there is an office that is looking for 1c-nick.

    She is looking for him on, conditionally, a salary of 15 thousand rubles ($ 200) higher than the salary in the published vacancies in these places. Let's say everywhere 60 tr. (on hands), and they offer 80. I have already conducted many interviews, and for some reason no one goes to them, but they are fine.
    * half an hour - with her words.

    Why indeed?

    Part 2. Real transport

    First we had to deal with the transport accessibility of the location.

    The lady used the terms "there is only half an hour." As it turned out, it should be understood as "I can drive my own car in half an hour if there are no traffic jams."

    The real distance is 30 km "from the center to the center along the roads."

    By public transport such as bus to get half an hour.

    On the train - half an hour "from the station", but then

    it takes about 20 minutes. As it turned out already when writing this note, the lady also underestimated the travel time a little - there is an electric train for 40-45 minutes, depending on which station conditional center.

    The fare is about 60 rubles in one direction, for some reason, the Russian Railways are embarrassed to show the prices of these trains.

    They go once an hour, approximately. Total 22 days * 60 rubles * 2 per day - 2640, with a travel card there will probably be a discount.

    However, even 1C is information technologies - what difference does it take how much to get, if you don’t need to carry anything physically, and you can work from home? But the following problem has surfaced here - the opinion of the management.

    Part 3. Presence at work

    It turned out that the company has a very strict manager, with his own ideas about how it should be.

    It turned out the following is required:

    - Daily presence in the office. Required.
    - late fees.
    - per minute report on the work - access system considers who worked as much as he smoked, dined and so on.
    - no remote work, you need accounting and control!

    Therefore, the candidate is required not only to drive the code, but also to be at work at 5:55, and sit strictly until 18:05. And nothing else.

    In this part of the discussion there were many other interesting things, for example, the total fines can not be more than 500 rubles (I do not remember, a month or a week), and the lady does not limit herself, but pays her lateness in advance, like a fitness card or a subscription. Well, in fact, but something like that.

    However, with her words, other methods of working with access control systems are applied.

    Part 4. Housing

    Okay, but maybe you can move to work closer? Of course, the practice of "renting an apartment closer to work" is often found in Moscow, especially among the bunkers. In St. Petersburg, the question of choosing between the road and Mummy's borsch is already arising, in the regions this question is almost always solved in favor of borscht.

    Ok, google. "Rental apartments in the city of Ensk, district". Prices for apartments start at 17-20 thousand rubles. Plus communal and the Internet. How many there offered a premium to the average? Thousands of 15-20?

    Part 5. Salary in general

    Unbeknownst to me, the conversation turned to another interesting point: why do candidates want a white salary so much? Why is it needed at all, where does such an interest in whitewashing come from?
    The lady was genuinely surprised by this issue, I had to ask a few clarifying questions.
    For starters, does a lady know about loans and mortgages? It turned out that he knows, but he is not aware of the requirements for a white salary and 2-NDFL from banks, it is not relevant to her.

    However, the problem was not in the salary itself, but in the ratio of the official part and the envelope - the ratio turned out to be about 20% official, the rest in the envelope - that is, about 15 salaries, and then go to the cashier.

    I have seen everything, and until recently, even in Moscow, it was possible to meet 50/50 - that is, 25 thousand in the contract and 25 separately, as a bonus or something, but there was a direct hello from 2005.

    Deviating from the topic - the situation with the white salary in Moscow, by the way, is solved not only by pressure from below. According to the grandmother at the entrance, a number of accountants and managers received good tax advice — in this (2018) year, raise the official RFP to the average. Very few people refused such good advice. In the regions, this practice was still in the same mid-2000s, with other figures and similar recommendations.

    Part 6. Salary in figures

    I also asked such a very interesting moment for me - how they determined what amount to put in the vacancy. It turned out that everything was very simple - we looked at open vacancies and added a little on top.

    A good approach, competent - the only way it does not work, I think.

    In my purely personal experience, open salary vacancies are too common from month to month. This means that either they offer little money, or they don’t look for a person at all ( details here ).

    Part 7. Cherry on the cake, or as sought

    The search methodology pleased me separately and led me to indescribable delight. The department just posted a vacancy on a couple of sites, it was in February. When in two months no one came to them on such chocolate conditions (and the lady was, in my opinion, sure that the conditions were just excellent - to go near, the fines were small, the salary was higher than the average published) - they began to search actively.

    For half a year, from March to September, they managed to drag them to the stage “you visit us at a location” - as many as a dozen people. Two per month, in fact, one per two weeks - but for some reason the personnel who reached the location and agreed to such excellent conditions did not suit them.

    The final

    Sympathized lady, of course. With such introductory, and to be precise, with such a different attitude of HR to introductory, how she sees them, and how I see them - what else remains?

    Of course, I asked if they asked for feedback, which is not so with the vacancy - but, it seems, they didn’t even ask.

    Personal opinion

    I didn’t want at all to discuss the identity of this with the driver’s hand on HR, so I threw out as much as possible from the text if possible. In the end, the requirements for salary, the organization of working time and the rest of it came from above. Accordingly, the organization most likely does not need IT as such, outside of current accounting.

    More precisely - it was not needed.

    Although, given that one employee is sought for half a year, he is still not needed.

    If you don’t need it, then the workers don’t call back, it's simple.

    But, of course, in the opinion of the employer, the problems are exclusively in the workers.
    Eat too much (C).

    For those who read

    In general, the term for finding an employee is one of the good markers, or rather, questions for an interview on the part of the candidate. How long have you been looking for an employee and why is it so long that it does not suit the candidates in your organization, and what the candidates do not suit you.

    What else can you ask for an interview in terms of motivation - you can read here.

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