How to Start a Startup - a business course from Y Combinator

    Another Y Combinator project: CS183B course for Stanford students and for everyone interested in business and venture capital investments (course materials are available free of charge online). This is the continuation of the magnificent course taught by Peter Thiel 2 years ago, only now it is 20 lectures not only with Peter, but with other speakers, including Paul Graham, Mark Andressen, Marissa Mayer, Sam Altman. To date, 7 videos are already available for viewing and 2 more will be added every week.

    Below is the coolest lecture (in my opinion): " Growth (of business)." Speaker Alex Schulz, vice president of business development for Facebook.

    PS It does not pull on a full-fledged post (especially for Habr), more likely just the announcement. please answer the question below about translation, given that all the videos already have good English subs and a full English transcript of all lectures is available on the site.
    If a sufficient number of hawkers is recruited who need a translation, I will try to make at least Russian subs and a text transcript of each lecture as a separate post.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you need a translation of this course?

    • 57.4% Yes, it would be great to watch a video with Russian translation! 174
    • 24% Yes, Russian subtitles will be enough 73
    • 18.4% No, to me and in English / from English. subtitles everything is clear 56

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