How to get rid of a step gradient after reinstalling Windows 8.1 on a laptop

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Hello, Habr!

This post is to help those who face the same problem by reinstalling the system on their laptop.

Recently purchased a laptop Asus k551ln. As a truly greedy student, after a week of use, he decided to abandon the system, the benefit of Dreamspark at the university is to give keys to Enterprise. After installing the new system, the "gradation" of gradients immediately caught my eye. For example, the sun on the lock screen was more like a corrugated chip.

After a week of installing / reinstalling the drivers, digging into the color profiles of the monitor, desperate googling of similar problems and communicating with Asus technical support, which almost immediately sent me to the service, I was already angry because of my own powerlessness, when they suddenly shared a torrent with me on the forum for the original recovery- image for my model. (I don’t have it, because I refused the license) Well, I thought, we’ll solve everything right now. But after the restoration of the original image, nothing has changed. But immediately any problems with software were cut off - the root of evil lay one level lower. I vaguely guessed the cause of the problem from the very beginning, but now I could definitely verify it. I reset the BIOS to the factory settings, and the image recovered from the recovery worked fine. So what was the problem?

The problem was the included CSM in the BIOS. Since I did the installation USB flash drive using the win7 usb \ dvd download tool, I had to turn it on, because such a USB flash drive is not suitable for downloading in UEFI mode. What exactly is the iron problem - in the matrix not working correctly in CSM mode or in the video card - please write in the comments.
So the list is as follows:
a) Create a UEFI bootable USB flash drive.
b) turn off the CSM support or reset the BIOS to the factory settings.
d) PROFIT !!!
A week of anger and headache, and here it is, the solution to all problems! Here again set the enterprise, normal flight!

To celebrate, I write this post to help the same unfortunate.
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