Come freebie!

A freebie is a student goddess to whom students cry out on the eve of an exam, instead of preparing for it. But despite the fact that the session is far away, Her Majesty a freebie can make herself felt even now and be useful. And in this case we are talking about tools available to students for free.

Microsoft has the DreamSpark program, in which some paid products are available to students completely free of charge.
The basic set includes:
  • Windows server
  • Windows Embedded
  • Visual studio professional
  • Free registration in the Windows Store and Marketplace
  • Expressions
  • SQL Server

An extended subscription, in addition to the above, allows you to get:
  • Windows client
  • Visual studio premium
  • Visual studio ultimate
  • Visio
  • Project
  • OneNote
  • BizTalk Server
  • SharePoint Server

You can familiarize yourself with the offer here .
There is also a separate tariff plan for 4 years at office 365 for students .
The other day, GitHub announced the Student Developer Pack. It includes:
  1. Atom - 21st century text editor. In general, it is free, but is on the list.
  2. Bitnami - Installing cloud applications in one click (Business 3 plan for a year, usual cost $ 49 per month)
  3. Crowdflower - Crowdsourcing platform (savings of $ 2,500 per month for access and $ 50)
  4. DigitalOcean - Cloud Hosting ($ 100 credit per account)
  5. DNSimple - DNS service (free for 2 years, instead of $ 3 every month)
  6. GitHub - Git repository service (micro-account $ 7)
  7. HackHands - 24/7 Programming Support ($ 25 Credit)
  8. Namecheap - Registrar of domain names (.me domain for free, regular cost $ 8.99 per year) and ssl certificates (free, cost $ 9 per year)
  9. Orchestrate - Search, geolocation, database based on graphs and API (development account for $ 49 as a gift)
  10. Screenhero - Shared screenshots for teamwork (regular price $ 9.99 per month)
  11. SendGrid - Service for working with email (regular price $ 4.95 per month)
  12. Stripe - Web and Mobile Payments for Developers (first $ 1000 without commission)
  13. Travis CI - Continuous Integration Service (usually per month $ 69)
  14. Unreal Engine - no comment (which saves you $ 19 every month)

You can familiarize yourself with the program offers here .

Not so long ago, JetBrains also decided to share a freebie with the main freeloaders - JetBrains products became available to students for free. Including adored by all ReSharper.
Find out more and access here .

Adobe provides students with a 60% discount on “professional apps.” It is provided in the form of a discount on Creative Cloud in two versions - a full subscription to Creative Cloud and Creative Cloud for working with photographs
A full subscription plan for Creative Cloud includes:
  • All desktop applications, as well as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, etc.
  • Access to new features and updates immediately after their release
  • All mobile applications, as well as Lightroom mobile, Photoshop Mix, etc.
  • Creative Cloud Libraries service: all your materials (images, text styles, and much more) are always at your fingertips both on a desktop PC and on a mobile device.
  • Behance Portfolio Website: Tell us about yourself and receive feedback on your work from other users.
  • Access to other services, including cloud storage, Typekit fonts, and Creative Cloud Market

Creative Cloud for working with photos is a bit more modest and includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom and “much more.” The advantage of this solution is the price - if a full subscription costs 599 rubles. per month, the version for those who are interested in photographs will cost 299 rubles. per month.

Autodesk provides students and teachers with free (with reservations, of course) access to virtually all of their products. Among them:
  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor Professional
  • 3ds max
  • Revit
  • Fusion 360
  • Maya

However, this is not a complete list. You can familiarize yourself with it here .

Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Lab provides a 40% discount for holders of the following cards:
  • ISIC
  • IYTC

However, more detailed information could not be found.
Basically, these products can only be used for projects that do not bring direct material benefits. However, it is best to carefully read the conditions every time. Good luck in using them for the benefit of transcripts! =)

PS If you know the sources of freebies that are not on the list - add in the comments.

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