Next Thursday, nine in the evening: new iPads, Mac mini, Yosemite?

    Today, Apple sent out invitations with the slogan “It was too long” to a new event at its headquarters in Cupertino, which begins next Thursday, October 16, at 21:00 Moscow time.

    As always, no official information what exactly will be shown, but the slogan of the event can be considered as a hint. Gizmodo has posted a list of company products that have not been updated for the longest :

    1119 days: Thunderbolt Displays

    More than three years have passed since the last update of Apple monitors. So this may be the new Thunderbolt - perhaps with a retina, although Apple had never made monitors the highlight of the program before.

    945 days: Apple TV

    Also waiting for product updates. Will be in the subject of the company's ambitions in the field of smart homes.

    715 days: Mac Mini

    The most anticipated, judging by the comments, announcement of Apple.

    330 days: iPad Mini

    The most anticipated new product among me with a stub on my back :)

    341 days: iPad Air

    It’s unlikely to do without updating the line of iPads: Christmas is at hand. High stakes are being placed on the fact that a “big iPad” will appear: a 12-inch competitor to Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - perhaps even with OS X instead of iOS or both.

    293 days: MacPro

    Less than a year old products are unlikely to expect big changes.

    162 days: MacBook Air

    This spring, the MacBook Air experienced a small update and price cut. But despite this, it’s even more likely why the new MacBook Air with retina is coming. The question is only next week or next year.

    112 days: iMac

    A couple of weeks ago they wrote that the announcement of a new iMac with retina is expected very soon.

    And one of the company's most anticipated non-junk releases is OS X Yosemite.

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