We invite you to a lecture and seminar by Vitaliy Fridman

    Today we are pleased to announce that Vitaly Fridman , editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine , one of the most famous people in world web design, is coming to our Moscow office of Mail.Ru Group . He will hold two events. The first is an open lecture. Speech title : “Responsive Web Design: Tricks and Tricks” .

    In his speech, Vitaly will touch on such key points:

    1. How to achieve responsive web design without spending too much financial and professional resources.
    2. How to optimize responsive website performance. Experience based on real cases from sites like The Guardian, BBC and Smashing Magazine.
    3. New tricks for SVG.
    4. New responsive design templates.

    The lecture will be held on November 14 at 19.00. To visit it you must register . Attention, the number of seats is limited! Read more about the seminar and how to get to it, read under the cut.

    And the next day, November 15, also in the office of Mail.Ru Group Vitaliy will hold an exclusive in-depth seminar on a similar topic. Vitaly will give all kinds of practical advice and share the tricks with which he manages to successfully complete complex and large orders. The methods he shares are taken from his own practice, as well as major eCommerce projects, online magazines, and web applications.

    The workshop will consist of two parts. First halfof the day is devoted to the development of / UX, RWD workflow, design patterns, responsive components, and delightful UX. The second half covers technical considerations, front-end techniques and strategies.
    • New patterns and innovative approaches to the design of adaptive modules;
    • Ways to debug and support sites with responsive design.
    • Responsive design templates and innovative “responsive modules” design approaches, such as tables, calendars, multi-level menus, maps, and web forms.
    • Technical issues and solutions for advertising and newsletters.
    • Adaptation of design processes in terms of project management, results, performance budgets, organization and team strategy.
    • Responsive website optimization for the best mobile UX and offline UX.
    • Interface design and development of front-end strategies for projects with responsive design.
    • Managing design processes, project results and strategies.
    • Testing, debugging and maintenance methods for sensitive areas, as well as lessons learned from Smashing Magazine’s own redesign in 2012,
    • Tools and methods that will help maintain and strengthen personal effectiveness when working on any project.

    And now a very important point. Why are we announcing this event today? Only 50 people will be able to attend the seminar. And for this you need to complete the task "Responsive Design Mail.Ru Challenge".

    You need to propose a new design for the main page of the Mail.Ru portal. We do not limit you in any way in means and methods; you can apply the most interesting, unusual and complex responsive techniques. There is only one condition - the project must be interesting and non-standard.

    Works are accepted until October 31 inclusive , send them to workshop@corp.mail.ru . The best 50 projects will be announced on November 7, and their authors will receive an invitation to participate in the seminar.

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