GitHub Student Developer Pack - Best Free Development Tools for Students

    A few minutes ago I received a message from the github with information about the new Student Developer Pack program , which I want to share with you.

    The Student Developer Pack program is designed for students who cannot afford the use of expensive subscriptions to paid services for development.

    Inside the Student Developer Pack, the student receives:

    Atom - A hackable 21st century text editor
    Bitnami - One-click cloud application installation
    Crowdflower -
    DigitalOcean crowdsourcing platform -
    DNSimple cloud hosting -
    GitHub DNS service - Git repository service
    HackHands - 24/7
    Programming Support Namecheap - Registrar of domain names and SSL certificates
    Orchestrate - Search, geolocation, database based on graphs and
    Screenhero APIs - Share screenshots for working in
    SendGrid team - Email
    Stripe service - Web and mobile payments for developers
    Travis CI - Continuous integration service

    Among the special goodies: $ 100 coupon for DigitalOcean, Bitnami business plan for one year, support for private repositories from TravisCI, domain registration .me and ssl certificate from Namecheap, one year subscription on sendgrid , the Unreal Engine and many, many more ...

    You can read more about the program on Education GitHub .

    To participate in the GitHub Education program, you must be a student and register for Education GitHub

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