Many free * github tools for students

    * free, but on various conditions.
    Hi, Habr. A couple of hours ago I received a letter from the github in the mail. Brief retelling: there is nothing more valuable than practical experience, but for a huge number of students many professional tools are not available due to the high price. And we (github) with our partners decided to create a Student Developer Pack - to give free access to great developer tools and put it all in one place.
    If you have an account on Github and you are registered in the student program ( GitHub Education , if not, then register and get a pack), then you can get a fairly large list of tools:

    • Atom - Github Code Editor
    • Bitnami - One-Click Cloud Application Installation
    • Crowdflower - Automate simple tasks through crowdsourcing
    • DigitalOcean - Well-known cloud hosting from developers and for developers. $ 100 Promo
    • Namecheap - You can get .me domain and SSL certificate for free
    • DNSimple - DNS service
    • GitHub - No Comments
    • HackHands - We don’t understand something, we ask the question to the pros, we get the answer, we continue to code. 24/7.
    • Namecheap - Domain Registration and SSL Certificates
    • Orchestrate - Databases As a Service - well, you get the point
    • Screenhero - Sharing screens for teamwork.
    • SendGrid - Email infrastructure as a service - I think they understood it too
    • Stripe - A mobile and web payment service designed for developers
    • Travis CI - Continuous integration platform
    • Unreal Engine - Free full development kit (but 5% of the profit should be paid anyway, yes)

    You can look in more detail here
    Post on their blog:

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