In the Cloud.RF - an electronic magazine about cloud computing

    It would seem that just recently, working with data without involving your own servers purchased or leased specifically for these purposes was something from the realm of fantasy. But time does not stand still, and with it the human desire to optimize work processes. So, among other innovations, cloud services also appeared. Thanks to the convenience and ease of use, they have allowed companies to facilitate the work with various services. However, like any innovation, cloud technologies brought with them a lot of questions.

    What are the challenges of modern cloud services when developing and selling their services? How are cloud technologies being introduced into small and medium business in Russia? What can an enterprise face when transferring its business processes to the cloud? How to ensure the safety and reliability of personal data storage? You can answer these and many other questions, learn about the experience of successfully implementing cloud technologies in your existing business and navigate the world of clouds correctly thanks to our new edition - the magazine “In the Cloud. Russian Federation”.

    "In Cloud.RF" is the first specialized electronic magazine in Russian dedicated to cloud technologies and services.
    Our magazine will help:
    • leader - to navigate the world of cloud environments;
    • to a specialist - to get the maximum of useful and interesting information about global and private issues of designing, creating and using cloud services effectively;
    • Any interested reader should learn about events, trends and innovations of the cloud world, new services and technologies.

    The magazine will be distributed primarily as an application for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) and will be available in the online stores App Store and Google Play.
    In October, the first issue of the magazine, the theme of which was cloud CRM services, is one of the most modern solutions, without which the full-fledged work of any business is impossible. In the first issue of the publication: an overview of the most modern systems integrated with a large number of other cloud services; an interview with the Director of Mass Services and Products of Servionika and many other interesting and useful information.

    "In Cloud.RF" will help you: understand the flow of rapidly developing technologies, decide on the service you need, find out all the pros and cons of various solutions. You can find out about the issue in time by subscribing to the news on the website http: // In Cloud.RF .

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