RomoCart will turn your room into a video game (video)

    A couple of robots running the iPhone were turned into race cars, and the room itself became a video game based on Mario Cart.

    You can shoot missiles, forcing the enemy to spin in place or leave a banana peel on the track projected on the floor.


    Ken Kawamoto and Tomoaki Akitomi combined a small projector with an RGB depth sensor. So they turned the room into a video game with augmented reality. The names RemoCart are from Remo, the model of robots used, and Mario Kart, which served as the prototype.

    Although the speed of these robots is low, RemoCart has everything from the classic Mario races on Nintendo: cars, track and special things and weapons that will help delay the opponent.

    Another interesting fact is that thanks to the RGBD sensor, any rubbish (or such useful things as books and pillows) on your floor will become part of the track.

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