How I stopped being afraid and fell in love with Windows 10

    Imagine that you just installed a fresh version of Windows and now
    it’s the turn to launch your favorite browser, for example, Opera.

    How many actions will need to be done to get ready-to-use software?
    Your first answer will most likely be this:

    1. Open Internet Explorer
    2. Type in the address bar (or find the site through a search engine)
    3. Find the download link and then download the installer
    4. Run the file
    5. Accept license
    6. Click the Next button several times
    7. Wait for the installation to finish
    8. Launch the browser

    Some knowledgeable people will suggest the following option:
    1. Open Explorer.
    2. Enter “” in the path line
    3. Find the installer and repeat steps 4 through 8.

    You didn’t forget that you have Windows 10 and you can solve the problem like this:

    Yes, right away. From the box.

    What is OneGet?

    OneGet is a unified interface for creating and distributing programs. With it, users of Windows 10 will be able to search and install programs very easily and quickly. OneGet is a module to PowerShell, it will be fully integrated into Windows 10 and add unlimited automation capabilities.

    To thank

    The NuGet team now consists of three people, they work closely with the Chocolatey team and try to integrate into Windows.

    How it works

    There is a certain repository (you can create your own) based on NuGet . After the download command, the OneGet module looks for the right one among the programs and starts the installation. Updating all programs is very easy.

    What is coming

    It would seem that in 2014 it’s the yard and the console is a thing of the past, but for Windows with its rich history of interfaces, this feature was not enough for users.
    Install the program. Without a market. No confirmations. I made a list, went for coffee and returned, and there everything was ready.

    It's not time to forget about Chocolatey (that is how it will be the main source of proven programs).
    Already, the future of Windows is becoming even more rosy for system administrators and ordinary users.

    Somewhere, the author was misleading

    Not really, since Windows 10 is now in the Technical Preview status, the OneGet module has not been tested and most likely will not work now.
    In the final version (and even earlier) everything will work.

    Useful links:
    Install OneGet on Windows 8.1
    OneGet source code on GitHub
    OneGet reference in Russian
    Create your Chocolatey GUI distribution

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