Bioluminescent lamp with luminous bacteria inside

    Amsterdam designer Teresa von Dongen came up with the idea of ​​placing microorganisms that glow in the dark in a transparent tube with artificial sea water, and students of the Delft University of Technology provided her with the necessary microorganisms: photo materials found in nature in a certain type of octopus, allowing it to glow in the dark. The resulting lamp was called Ambio . So that it starts to glow, it is enough to swing it:

    Students are now working to increase the life expectancy of bacteria for a possible second generation of this lamp.

    On the author’s website, the lamp is positioned as entertainment - they say, you can hang it over the cradle of the baby. But, if the work with microbes is successful, then the invention will find a more useful application - for example, to illuminate objects in places where wires are expensive or pointless to pull, batteries are inconvenient to change, and sunlight to use fluorescent paint is not enough, i.e. . deep under water - where nature ordered these bacteria to live.


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