The near future: wearable devices in a smart city

    Many authors have tried to imagine that each of the people will be forced to carry a device that tracks its location, which dispatches the carrier’s communication with people around it and even controls biological rhythms, in their works. The mention of wearable devices has been drifting in various works of art for 2,000 years. From the Apocalypse of St. John the Evangelist to the works of Lemm, the Strugatsky, Bestuzhev-Lada and Toffler. But it is unlikely that they seriously thought that their advanced descendants would voluntarily do this, and sometimes even fight for the right to become the first owner of a wonderful device.

    Let's imagine for a moment the near future, when the market for wearable devices will cease to be new, products of this class will become mass, and smart bracelets and watches will turn into natural satellites of a person, as they once were a mobile phone or a bank card.

    One morning in a smart city

    The notification center warned of an impending magnetic storm at night. I went to bed, but still could not fall asleep. He counted projected sheep on the ceiling, leafing through records of meetings with friends. This evening I didn’t even break the diet, under the approving beep of the refrigerator, eating only an apple, but all to no purpose. A huge moon shone through the window, and in the head stood an incessant hum.

    They managed to fall asleep somewhere at half past four in the morning, and at 08:45 the bracelet was already buzzing on the wrist. I got up with difficulty, feeling like I lay in the ground of a zombie, whom they raised, but forgot to wake up. Shower, clothes, scooter and to work. Today it was not about fitness, so I drove all the way on the electric drive. I remember only about ten years ago, when miserable information screens with weather and the arrival time of the next three buses appeared at public stops only, I had to wait at some crossroads for a green man for 160 seconds. Now we have stopped noticing many things, it’s enough for me to just go, the “green wave” will be optimally built for all road users. If at a particular intersection there is a weak stream of cars, and the number of identified traffic light bracelets is more than usual, then the city automatically reduces the intervals of traffic lights. So we run all the time, there is no time to even get stuck at the traffic lights. But all the time you stay in good shape.

    Hmm, I’ve already met the third accident along the way, are they all crazy today? No, I still don't want a car. I did not want her 10 and 15 years ago. Yes, it has become easier to park, the adviser prompts and book a parking space in advance, the efficiency of the road services has increased, tow trucks seem to know tense places in advance and come to difficult areas the night before, on empty roads. Today there are a lot of them. Apparently not only I slept badly today.

    By the way, I have only 7,900 rubles left to the new financial goal. I planned a trip to Baikal, I want to take a break from the whole figure. My bank transfers 100 rubles for every thousand calories I spend from my main account to a special one. At first it looked like some kind of cheating or marketing gimmick, but later I got involved. It seems to be silly: the bank pays you with your own money for the fact that you maintain yourself in good shape. But as soon as the phone appears in this equation, from the screen of which the avatar looks sadly at you every time you exceed your daily budget or buy too fatty lunch in the office dining room, everything becomes completely different. You find yourself in a magical world of emotions, where it seems to be not so boring than usually in a metropolis. So I got involved.

    From my thoughts I was pulled out by the vile screeching indicator of the scooter battery, I forgot to charge it again yesterday.

    - Siri, Yes, when will you add charging gadgets to my plans for the day ?!
    “You didn't do your morning exercises.”
    - Siri, so that you die, dumb bitch!
    - At 300 meters, a public stop has a charging unit. At 305 meters a pharmacy.

    Yes exactly. It is necessary to buy something from the head, so as not to kill your beloved colleagues in the office.

    I parked, stuck a scooter in the socket, I go to the pharmacy, and on the first shelf there are painkillers and energy specialists. Yesterday there was a cold remedy here, but I must say thanks to the bracelets. They say that network pharmacies, thanks to purchases of sleep quality reports from bracelet providers last night the next morning, increase sales of specific goods by 30%.

    Head remedy, energy bar, late for work. By the way, it will be necessary to adjust the standard route, it is already autumn, and it is cold to go part of the way along the embankment. Again, you have to go along the highway, the adviser will again force you to eat more fruits. Tired of it! I would like to eat a hefty burger with double fries, even if I again get a notation from the doctor, natural meat is worth it!

    Previously, in order not to anger the doctor, it was enough for me not to post food on Instagram, now my medical record is synchronized with a set of products from the banking purchase history and biorhythms from the bracelet.

    Strange, at the last intersection in front of the office for two minutes now there are two people. Is the traffic light dead? No, my route is not rebuilt. Probably these outcasts again. It would be necessary to drive up, skip. And then they’ll get stuck before lunch, until the cars disappear altogether and the “green by default” lights up.

    When the majority receives some kind of good, it soon becomes the norm, the ordinary. But in any society and in almost any context, there remain those who are not on the way with the majority for various reasons. In our case, there were two “braceletless” at the traffic lights.

    Yes, we live in a free society, but once you leave your gadgets at home, you will be hopelessly late everywhere. And the point is not even in the optimal route or recommended shopping list. Just try without a bracelet to wait for the green traffic light.

    I got there, noted at the entrance with a bracelet, my lateness is fixed and will definitely affect the salary. Colleagues met with the usual trolling, we live on.

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    Are you comfortable living in a city that knows everything about you?

    • 34.2% Yes, I have nothing to hide. 176
    • 58.3% No, everything has its limits. 300
    • 14.9% I will give up wearable devices. 77

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