Come to KRI 2014

    In the calendar of all Russian game developers, a red marker circled the days from October 2 to 4, 2014. At this time, Crocus Expo will host one of the most important annual events in the Russian gaming industry - the KRI 2014 conference . KRI has been leading its history since 2003, and therefore bears the proud title of the oldest annual event in Russia for game industry professionals. Here, experts from various professions gather here to exchange experiences: programmers, designers, animators, artists, screenwriters, and many others.

    By the way, starting this year, KRI is held simultaneously with another locomotive event, the Igromir exhibition. This event is intended primarily for the players themselves, here you can see almost all computer, console and mobile gaming news. Big and noisy show. So, from the point of view of professionals in the gaming industry, the joint holding of KRI and IgroMir is very convenient, you can show yourself, and see people, and share experience.

    Of course, our gaming department will take part in this conference. We have prepared a whole landing party of speakers, we can say the color of our games. They do not hide their rich professional experience and are eager to share it with the developer community. To make it easier for you to navigate, we have prepared brief announcements for each performance.

    Development and trends in IMO (Hall 1, October 3)
    Alexander Mishulin, creative director of Allods Team studio

    Any game genre evolves over time, this is a completely natural process. Changing approaches, unwritten rules, genre standards. And this was especially pronounced when developing the projects of Allods Online and Skyforge. Using their examples, Alexander will demonstrate how different the approach to the same gaming features is, forming the basis of the MMORPG genre. Of course, he will also talk in detail about the reasons why the development team applied these or those solutions without blindly repeating the same template approaches.

    Skyforge: rendering technologies (Hall 1, October 3)
    Sergey Makeev, Technical Director of Allods Team Studio

    Sergey will share the details of creating a render system, which is used in the Skyforge game engine. In particular, we will talk about a physically correct system of materials and lighting, post-processing, delayed shading, interaction with translucency, multiple optimization techniques and many other technologies used in this render system.

    Tips for creating PvP cards (Hall 1, October 3)
    Danil Radchenko, senior level designer at Allods Team

    Danil wants to talk about some of the "applied" points that are worth remembering during the construction of the level. You can collect a lot of these, but only four will be highlighted in the report: determining the scale of the map by time, the gameplay "history", minimizing assets when building a basic layout and working with statistics. It’s not only for MMOs and it’s not “tricks”, it’s rather those moments that are usually (noted for other designers) forgotten when developing levels and often because of this they get

    Never Ending Story problems (Hall 1, October 3)
    Alexey Kolesnikov , senior screenwriter at Allods Team

    In his report, Alexey will talk about the specifics of writing scripts for games of the MMORPG genre. Listeners will learn about how best to build a plot, how to develop it during the game, what typical problems the scriptwriters encounter and what solutions are most effective. Also, Alexey will share his observations about some aspects of the perception of the plot by the players and much more.

    Evolution: Graphics and Mechanics (Hall 1, October 3)
    Alexander Chernyakov, IT Territory Studio Programmer

    The presentation will be devoted to the intricacies of developing a hardcore project for mobile platforms using the example of the game “Evolution: the battle for Utopia”. Alexander will tell and show how game mechanics evolved during the development of the game, as well as share the professional secrets of optimizing graphics and performance.

    Social Casual (Hall, October 1, 3)
    Arthur Shakalis, head of the gaming division of the Odnoklassniki social network

    Using his own social network as an example, Arthur will show why the casual genre gained such wide popularity when this tendency was outlined and what it really gives to social game developers today. Also, Arthur will share a kind of anti-advice, that is, he will talk about the characteristic mistakes of developers that can spoil any casual game.

    The new race in Allods Online (Hall, October 2, 2)
    Evgeny Lashchev, art director of the Allods Online project
    Dmitry Pasechny, Scrum-master of the character team of the Allods Online project

    This time, two speakers will speak at once. Eugene and Dmitry will share their experience on a number of issues. In particular, they will talk about how a unique and easily recognizable game pride race was created, and what kind of rake the developers attacked. Inquisitive students will also learn about how developers manage to maintain a balance between the classic style of Allods Online and modern graphics requirements. In the end, Eugene and Dmitry will share their experience in the difficult task of attracting new players and maintaining interest among “veterans”.

    In addition, at CWI you will find interesting reports from our partners, and we also recommend that you pay attention to them.

    Terms of cooperation (Hall 1, October 3)
    Eric Demilt, producer of Skyforge (Obsidian Entertaiment)

    Eric will devote his speech to changes in the traditional patterns of interaction between game developers. Traditional work-for-hire relationships are outdated and more likely to interfere than to contribute to successful game development. Eric will talk about how they restructured business processes, focusing on flexibility and positive results. The new approach emphasizes the joint work of development teams, the purpose of which is to create excellent games, and not the mandatory implementation of the planned amount of work and strict adherence to deadlines.

    Development of Warface technology (Hall 2, October 2)
    Stanislav Spivakov, Crytek Technical Director

    Key points - technical challenges: the server part, the minimum settings for weak computers (balance between quality and performance), features of the CryENGINE engine.

    As you can see, we have prepared reports for every taste. See the full version of the schedule on the conference website . Come, listen, look, ask questions, you can even be tricky. Please note that the ticket gives you the right to attend three events at once: CWI, IgroMir and Comic Con Russia - an exhibition first held in Russia as part of IgroMir. We are waiting for you at the Crocus Expo !

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