UPS Delivers 3D Printers in 100 Own Offices

    Hello, Habr!

    The UPS mail experiment with 3D printers continues. If in the pilot of the project in six offices of the company these printers were available, now now their number will increase to hundreds .


    While 3D printers are available, mainly, only to true fans of the matter - for example, I will not allow myself to buy an aggregate for 70 thousand. The lower bar, by the way, is somewhere in the region of 40 thousand. And in the case of UPS, Stratasys printers worth $ 20,990 are used. Not so many people can buy such a home - a car is better, because it will not be so simple to print it.

    The business model itself in the form of renting a printer or printing by order is very interesting, and someone already thought of it. But I wonder if such a service would take root if sales points for custom 3D models were created all over Russia?

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