California will allow unmanned vehicles to drive through busy streets

    Hello, Habr!

    It would seem that this is great news for those who are eager to get at the disposal of a self-propelled car that does not need a driver. The tests of Google, Mercedes-Benz and Audi drones have moved to a new stage: all three companies have received special permits from the California authorities. But did this change something?


    In total, 29 licenses were issued - that is, 29 cars without drivers will ride along the busy sunny streets of the state. Of these, 25 are Google’s Toyota Lexus SUVs, and a couple of licenses went to Mercedes and Audi.


    It is worth saying that automakers have been testing drones in this state for several years. Yes, no permissions. But suddenly the state authorities decided to make a law that would regulate the location of such cars on public roads.Google even had to put a temporary steering wheel in cars under the same law.


    So what does that change? Just in a particular state, another precedent has been created. By the way, there are already requirements for a special license for unmanned vehicles, for example, in Michigan, Nevada and Florida.

    I wonder when unmanned vehicles will reach Russia, how will they be fined at the traffic police posts?

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