Proxmox 3.3 Virtualization Management System Release

For those who don’t know, Proxmox is a shell running on top of Debian that allows you to conveniently manage kvm virtual machines and openvz containers via a web interface. An analogue of Xenserver, vmware vcenter, RHEV, oracle virtualbox, etc. There are
quite a few pleasant changes that I honestly expected two years ago:

  1. Finally, the pve-firewall firewall was added.
  2. Finally, we did and set the default non-VNC console based on html5, finally you can forget about the terrible Java applet for VNC.
  3. Configuring the firewall network between openvz containers, finally you can build some more complex, isolated, network things based on containers.
  4. They added a mobile web interface, even with mobile phones you can steer with your virtual machines, it is very useful for those who travel a lot.
  5. There was work with zfs in the web interface, to be honest I thought that zfs on Linux stopped development and began to die smoothly.
  6. Introduced the possibility of two-factor authentication according to the OATH standard .
  7. A bunch of other minor not so important changes that can be read in Roadmap .

As always, there is an official video about all the updates:

You can download it here:

By default, a paid repository is included, if you do not want to pay, it easily changes to a free one:

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