Internet by sms

    Good day, Habr!

    While I choose my smartphone with mandatory support for LTE and Quad HD resolution, in some regions of the world (and Russia) people are not like 3G, even second-generation data transmission works every other time. And how to sit then in this your network? There is a way: Cosmos browser allows you to read the Internet via sms. Sounds wild, doesn't it? But it works.


    The Android application that is being prepared for release works as follows: you send the URL, and in return you get the simplest text version of the page using text messages. The developers explain that the application you sent the URL drops on their number in the Twilio service, and so the message reaches the service itself. Then the system receives the code from the site and clears it of CSS and javascript so that a number of text messages get to the user's phone.

    Unfortunately, the method has a number of limitations:
    1) at least you need a tariff with unlimited sms.
    2) sms do not always work correctly, so some of them may be lost, and you will not receive part of the page
    3) a very limited version of the site will not give you very much pleasure

    Despite all these minuses, there is one big plus: you can get at least some information, even if there is no Internet around for kilometers, but at least messages are available.

    The developers promise to release the application by the end of September, but the code can already be viewed on GitHub .

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