Published code for the game Commander Keen

    The source code for the game Commander Keen , one of the first video games for the IBM PC / XT personal computer with the MS-DOS operating system, is published on Github . The series was distinguished by its innovative use of graphics, including the use of the advanced EGA format and the first in the world to use the adaptive tile update invented by John Carmack for moving pictures .

    This is one of the first id Software and John Carmack games. The original version was released in December 1990.

    A version of Commander Keen: Keen Dreams, which was released in 1991 and finalized until 1993, was posted on the Github, respectively, had different version numbers, for different platforms and distribution channels.

    The code is published under the GNU GPLv2 + license. By the way, this particular game was ported to Android in 2013.

    True, a free license does not apply to game data (apparently graphics and music), which must be separately licensed.

    The code is written in the environment of Borland C ++ 2.0, but should normally compile in versions prior to 3.1.

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