Mountain goat-inspired prosthesis

    Hello, Habr!

    The title of the post was poetic, right? And after all, everything is correctly said in it: it was the foot of the mountain goat with its hoof that became the source of inspiration for the person who designed this prosthesis.

    All dentures controlled by the brain working with bluetooth and designed for sports in recent years had one minus: most of them are not so convenient for climbing mountains. Student designer Kai Lin researched artificial limbs at the Pratt Institute when he came to this conclusion. And he managed to find a solution to this problem, elegant and inspired by nature itself.

    Under the habrakat - a presentation of 20 slides.

    Klippa - in Swedish "climb".

    I think the question of why the mountain goat became the prototype should not arise. But if you still have it. just watch this video . Lin has made several prototypes and continues to work on his project. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to say how effective his project is, since it has yet to be tested.

    Presentation of the author of the project

    Posted on the website of the institute .

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